Dump Trump Dump Truck

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By now everyone is aware of the terrorist tragedy in New York, the first since 9/11, but thankfully not nearly as grand a scale.  But nonetheless, the deaths of 8 people and injuries nearly double that certainly carries its own impact on the city and the country.  By now it seems, sadly, that “we” might be getting increasingly acclimated to such tragedies… the general public.  It’s not just we seem to be getting used to terrorism in America… actually we’ve not had that much compared to many other countries.  But what we do have plenty of is domestic generalized nutcases, mixed with domestic home-bred and radicalized Muslim extremists.  In other words, it doesn’t seem like anyone is coming to America on a mission to kill infidels.. they are learning that here on their own.

But when these acts of violence do occur who does the nation look to for consolation, hope, and a steady voice of reason?   We look toward our President, of course!  Well…….. normally we would.  Honestly, I knew he would have to comment because this was that level of a tragedy but I was not expecting anything coherent, although I was rather expecting him to make some idiotic remarks to “inspire the country”.  He fails to disappoint in that arena, I am sorry to say.

Our embarrassing Buffoon-in-Chief has done it yet again.  Besides his normal narcissistic tendency to have to find blame (in someone), injecting politics, and being totally inaccurate with his “facts”, and just spouting off wildly about things of which he has no knowledge, and just plain not being presidential in any possible situation… he’s attacked the Constitution.. and THAT pisses me off.. and what almost pisses me off just as much is that there are some exquisitely misguided right wing Conservatives “out there” who are going to actually try and defend this indefensible nonsense (like his Press Secretary saying he meant the “process”.. the same thing) coming from a sitting President of the United States.  How has he attacked the Constitution?

He’s dissed, belittled, and declared a laughing stock and a joke our entire justice system, proclaiming it slow, lacking the ability to in fact promote justice.  By this the ignorant putz has labeled his own judicial  appointments as disappointments, most certainly in the least, the system they represent… the system most true Americans defend and many have died for.

Ok… now, no one knows better than me that Trump has absolutely no command of the language and cannot speak off the top of his head because he has little in his head assigned to knowing anything of which he speaks about…. ever.  Do I honestly think in my heart-of-hearts that Trump actually believed what he said about OUR justice system?  Of course not; he was trying to be angry about the event and letting emotion dictate what he said.  So.. then… if I already accept that Trump is a political (and human) schmuck why am I so… incensed?

Because what a president says is important.. his words, because he IS the President, mean something (or used to).  They mean something because that office is the most powerful and respected office in the world (or was).  There is NO such thing as a president “speaking his mind” without some temperance and filtering because he has the audience of the entire world.  Although.. by now… the world is not paying any attention to him anyway (refer to my last post about China).  Here’s the scary part…. someone, somewhere is believing what he says… like Conservatives… and that makes THEM very deplorable for doubting the effectiveness of the Constitution (although all they care about anyway is the Second Amendment).  By declaring our justice system ineffective and laughable he has just played into the hands of those admonishing democracy… like ISIS, Putin, Xi Jinping, Kim Jong Un, et al.  What a dumb ass.

So in honor of his continued buffoonery I created the above logo.  If you are so inspired, copy it and use it wisely.  Below is a variation of it you may find also find worthy.


Dump Trump