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“Breaking News! Trump elected President!”  That was the last echo of truth Americans heard before the sound vanished.    -Me

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Embrace the inevitable… or can it be avoided?

Well, everyone is speculating about possible events unfolding for the new year given what’s been transpiring over 2018 and I suppose I will be adding to that futurerama.  Unfortunately a lot of predictions are falling a bit short of being hopeful.  But I’ve taken the opportunity here to upgrade (or downgrade, depending on your perspective) this blog a bit for the coming year.  In particular, take note of some right margin additions of political stats and reference sources.  I’ve also expanded a bit the “About Me” menu selection at the top with some graphics and history surrounding my year of birth in an attempt to broaden my online blog persona a bit.  I’ve toned down my home page; two years into the Trump administration, it’s pretty obvious his shortcomings so I thought shifting a tad to his upcoming legal battles would be more post-worthy.  Sometime over the next post or two I will be resurrecting my audio… mini-podcast for the coming year.


New Battles Are Afoot

Given there will be a new party majority in the House of Representatives in a couple days, Trump, and the nation as well, are going to be heading into a new phase of politics and political divisiveness, and social discontent.  The House committees will be starting their various investigations into Trump World, the Mueller Investigation will likely reach a conclusion not favoring Trump, and God only knows what’s going to happen between us and the Russians, us and Syria, us and Turkey, us and North Korea, us and China… have I left anyone out?  There’s going to be finger-pointing Tweets galore, Supreme Court cases… and of course, we all start out with a big bang… trying to get the government running again in the never-ending Congress vs. the Trump Wall of Slats (fence?) funding battle.  Impeachment?  Stay tuned.  And let’s not forget the possible candidates for 2020 all maneuvering for media time.  The news coverage is a sure bet to get far more intense through 2019, as if that were even possible.

Whether you want to blame Trump or just blow it off to the proverbial sign-of-the-times (I blame Trump, of course), there’s no reason at all to presume there will be any less mass shootings in public gathering spots.. and schools; sadly, kids are likely going to die.  What may influence a part of this violence will be right wing nut jobs trying to defend Trump from legal trouble.  There will likely be more lone wolf attacks… and possibly terrorism in the name of Allah.  Of course I honestly hope none of this occurs.. but I’m not sold on that idea.  I think the political situation will be spawning more violence on a population already affected by increasing mental health problems.

Toss into all that mix the natural disasters to come… be they hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis… and then there’s the sleeping disaster of some yet-to-be-discovered disease that begins in some Third World corner of the globe.  I mean, I’m not a doom-and-gloom soothsayer here, but the stuff that’s occurred over the last year or two are not things that were just one-time events and we truly need to be better prepared as individuals and as a nation.

BUT…. no matter how nasty it may or may not get… Americans can, and will, make it through.

Take a deep breath and…. Happy New Year Everyone!



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