Words: 633 – Audio: N/A

If you made it this far because you are curious.. then we share the same sense of building relationships even if only to exchange typed words on a screen for a couple back-and-forths.  That in itself is unique in this medium.

To those of you wanting to put a political label on me because you are not sure what side of the fence I’m leaning on (or you are sure and just want the satisfying confirmation), I am a registered California Republican, NRA member, gun owner, military veteran, college educated, former entrepreneur three times, and former Boy Scout.  I am a non-retired senior citizen, raised three great kids with my ex.. and I am more a traditional “Reagan Republican”, wanting nothing to do with what’s become of the party since January, 2017, least of all it’s current leader.

To the world I am nobody, although the fact that I exist might suggest that I am somebody to someone.  To those who know me, like family and friends, I am somebody (usually).  We certainly know for sure that the IRS thinks I’m somebody.  So what qualifies me to voice an opinion about anything in this blog medium?  Because I am a member of that part of the world’s population that feels compelled to some degree to spout off about  something.  I enjoy writing.  The podcasting part is a throwback to my earlier years, prior to video, of being an magnetic tape audio recording hobbyist.  Pretty much every writer and podcaster has a degree of ego attached in order to garner some attention from those who don’t care to write.  It doesn’t mean I know any more or less than you or the next fellow.. or lady… it just means I enjoy putting my thoughts to the written, and now spoken word rather than on the bathroom stall door.  Being the senior citizen that I am one might conclude I’ve experienced a few things and lived through some history to the point that I might be able to offer some perspectives, insights, and cautionary tales for your own personal evaluation.  The other option is be like my kids, don’t listen to the old man… and blunder along in life…. like I did with my folks.

But, yes, I do have some measure of real life honest-to-goodness experience that I include with my random palaver.  This comes from the academic side… Associates in Marketing and a Bachelors in the Applied Behavioral Sciences… and lots of years in the business world in corporate management and entrepreneurship (having owned three businesses… two service and one retail).  Somewhere in all that I had five years in the funeral industry and four years in the U.S. Air Force as a cop.

My hobbies, besides writing, includes being a mild computer geek, I’m into electronics and radio communications (I have a Ham license), and I enjoy the more cerebral interests in life.  I’m not much for sports (members of pro sports make more money than I could ever imagine and they spend a lot of time bitching about what they don’t have).  I enjoy music.. classical and boomer rock & roll… and I am into movie and TV themes.  I am also into movies themselves.

In the end all that is not overly impressive but still makes up the substance by which I continue to express myself and draw on past experience to formulate opinion.  I’m not looking for agreement, and I am certainly not looking to win some popularity contest in having the most followers.  The important thing for me is that this hobby is simply a mechanism by which to continue learning about life… yes, even at my age… and getting feedback to learn about others from those who care to respond.  Thanks for giving me a try.