You’re too late. He did it to himself.

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Much ado has been made lately between Trump himself and the media pontificating the fact or fantasy of how much acclaim we should give to the President for the record-setting growth on Wall Street, and the dramatic reduction in unemployment.  For Trump supporters this is one of those “good news” things they feel the press should spend more time reporting on, and for Trump naysayers the record-breaking had already been placed in motion during the Obama administration.  This has been one of those areas I have personally found idiotic since the first election I understood what was going on a half-century ago.  Presidents generally take credit (or public scorn) for certain economic conditions when in fact they had no direct responsibility for it.

While presidents have a general Constitutional  power to affect the economy through decrees and/or pressing Congressional action (as Obama did when he came to office to control the recession)… they also have a passive affect in that the nature and skittishness of Wall Street goes up or down simply when a new president takes office (if the new president is simply breathing that’s a plus on Wall Street), since investing is all about investors having a measure of confidence in the economy… and/or confidence in whatever promises a president has made to “improve” trade or government regulatory issues in any given industry.

Well, reflecting on this and other events since Trump has arrived, it has become apparent to me we are crossing yet a new line of political and economic climate.  The economy is chugging along regardless of what the President is doing (or not)… Congress is getting more “independent” from the White House and trying to press ahead (like passing the sanctions bill to try punish the Russian hacking.. because the President was doing nothing to protect America)… it’s becoming very apparent to me that the President is becoming irrelevant.

How do I figure that?  Well, dear friends, the signs are everywhere.  Everyone likes lists so let’s create one here.

  1. Trump is politically impotent. This is a major glaring reason for his irrelevancy.  His lack of experience in D.C politics has been a huge detriment to his ability to forge positive contacts to win compromise, and he has an incomplete understanding how government even works.  He has been unable to be the necessary champion to lead the charge to solicit support to get his agenda accomplished.  Trumpsters may have wanted the elite establishment kicked out of D.C. but along with them went experience in getting things done.
  2. The continuing chaos of his administration. Whether it’s his impulsive, knee-jerk and crude Tweets, the latest infighting in and around the leadership staff of the White House, and the general feeling that things are out of control, it fills the news daily.
  3. Trump “fatigue”. Because of all his inexperience and human social foibles, and everything mentioned above, America is adjusting to the daily turmoil reported in the media… good news or not.  It’s an incessant banging, day after day, on some latest crisis, Tweet, reckless un-presidential  verbal admonishment of the latest friend-turned-traitor, and now his performance with international diplomacy.  Everything about him is threat-and-intimidation.  America is getting tired and trying to just move on with life.. biding time until his term is up… or Congress get’s the kahunas to impeach.
  4. Loss of public trust. This is by far the single most important reason the Trump presidency is irrelevant.  Latest polls all around show variations of 75{0ab7dfbf012a810114ec5acf7807847dfa23e59660bbc397f14557f2fcacba41} of the public not believing anything Trump says.  Idiots call it hyperbole but it’s just flat out lying and twisting meanings to the point no one cares what he says anymore because no one believes him… or his administration.

America is just plain becoming immune to the daily media circus reporting all the nonsense, literally occurring minute by minute.  Americans are adjusting… less impacted and appalled by his conduct.. and needing to move on with daily living.  Trump has isolated himself, becoming just a sideshow with his daily antics.  I find myself slightly relieved when the weekend comes and Trump runs off to play (at public expense).. because we get to breath a bit.

Is this irrelevancy going to be a problem for the country?  Well… hard to say short term; certainly long term.  At the moment we have the crisis brewing in North Korea.  It’s one thing when Trump abuses his fellow Americans with his nonsense; we are learning to look the other way.  But when he starts asserting his “wonderful” personality with fellow incompetent loons leading other countries, one has to take heed of where that might lead.

But the interesting observation is that our country is greater than any President, and can adjust and move on quite well with him being shunned by the nation.  While the Congress is still viewed as a den of partisan proliferation and not getting much accomplished… they are coming around.  As long as Americans continue to vent their opinions at town halls for media coverage, some of these elected officials will hear.

On the other hand…… I am embarrassed we, Americans, are at this point of feeling the need to dismiss the importance of the most powerful office in the world.  If I laugh, submit sardonic humor, smirk at some latest hypocrisy…  it’s my own way to deal with the political tragedy that is Trump.

He’s made the office and himself irrelevant… and I’m not proud of it.  But like everyone else, I’m learning to live with it… or rather, live without him.  I’m reminded of the saying… either lead, follow, or get out of the way.


Carry On America