Just when you think you’ve not heard it all, seen it all, regarding everything over the last year.. you find out you’re right.

I was watching CNN this afternoon and all of a sudden CNN analyst, Gloria Borger, is interviewing on the phone some former Trump aid, Sam Nunberg, dismissed from the campaign in 2015, starting to spout, piss, and moan about having received a Mueller subpoena.  He went on and on about fragmented thoughts on that early meeting with the Russians and the players.  Borger tried sending him the right questions but he would go off on tangents.  It seems he had recently spent about 5 hours being questioned by the FBI.. and now he’s received a subpoena he has to answer to by this Friday.  The real news out of all this is this guy is proudly exclaiming to the world that he is NOT abiding by the subpoena and he has no intention of showing up.

After yelling across the house to my GF doing laundry (yes, ladies.. I was watching TV and she was doing laundry.. but I was fulfilling my roll doing CNN duty watch for her) and watching this unfold, I told my GF… “If this guy has a lawyer I bet he quits after this.”  I also offered up, “This guy better shut up or we are going to hear in the background a door break-in and a gun silencer going off.”

After that wackiness he pops up on the phone on Jake Tapper’s news cast, pretty much saying the same things about past associations, names, and hating Trump because of what the campaign did to him.  Tapper made a valiant effort to try and keep him focused but Nunberg just acted like a fool in his mannerisms.  During this time I told my GF that CNN surely must be thinking that “maybe we shouldn’t cover this guy so much”.

Then a couple hours later Nunberg shows up in person on CNN’s Erin Burnett’s segment.  I again told my GF… “I don’t think Erin should sit so close to this guy.  I hope they have an armed security guard nearby.”  She goes on to question him, as did her associates earlier… but he was very fragmented in his answers, often going on a tangent with Burnett having to try and regain control.  He was not violent at all… but erratic in his replies.

I then told my GF… “This guy is going to kill himself on national TV.  I hope they searched him for a gun when he showed up in the studio.”

Then Burnett said she smelled liquor on his breath.. and “…have you been drinking?”  He replied no… then he volunteers that the only meds he is on is anti-depressants.  “Yikes!”, I retorted.

“This guy’s got a huge beef against the Trump campaign, and Trump personally; he’s got a stressed demeanor in his voice; he just got a subpoena from Mueller, and he’s apparently under some doc’s care somewhere since he’s taking anti-depressants?  This guy’s gonna off himself in a dramatic way.”

Apparently, Sam Nunberg has given interviews to other news sources as well today… filling his day with further stress.  The subpoena itself, readily available on the net, includes Nunberg surrendering any and all communication of people on a list; all the names we know about… Trump, Manafort, yada, yada.  Nunberg says he is not providing anything.  Defiantly stating, “You want to arrest me?  Arrest me!”

I encourage my readers to visit this CNN article…

The 42 Craziest Quotes From Sam Nunberg’s Absolutely Bonkers CNN Interviews

As I write this the TV coverage has him as basically a laughing stock and if he watches some of these talking heads flash across his TV screen making fun and dismissing him.. there’s no question he might slip over the edge.  Certainly he’s not establishing himself as being credible.

I feel sorry for the guy’s condition.  I hope his family is with him and trying to help him; at least a friend.  This thing has got “potential suicide” written all over it.

As I always push this… this is another perfect example of the need for a national mental health policy.


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