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I was like most Americans in hoping for the best as Trump went into this summit with Putin.. blind as it was.  But to witness in my life the complete idiocy and repulsive display of an American president with an adversarial Russian leader, accused by our own law enforcement and intel agencies of being complicit in cyber hacking our last election, surrendering our values, our sovereignty, was the most unnerving thing to witness.  If you are ANY kind of an American patriot you would feel the sudden surge of anger mixed with frustration.

In front of Trump and the world Putin calls our justice system utter nonsense.. obviscates in his usual way that he had no responsibility for the election hacking, and our President stands there totally caved in, capitulating to a damn Russian like Putin.  As I’ve said since the last campaign, Trump is a coward and always was.  HE IS A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER TO THE SECURITY OF AMERICA.

Trump beats up on our allies.. he throws our traditions to the wind, he tosses our trusted defense and federal agencies under the bus to placate the damn Russians… he dreams up political idiocies.. and the worst part of this all.. he has a base that is likely reveling in all this chaos in America.

But.. to admit to my total outrage to all this.. Trump’s idiocy and total incompetence.. I am more proud to be an American right now than I have been in years and it has NOTHING to to with Trump’s buffoon performance… but it has everything to do with Trump’s buffoon performance, having reached about as far to the bottom of being a president as anyone might’ve ever guessed… and showing the world our American president is out of control.  All we can do is believe in the Constitution.. and hope that finally the GOP has grown some kahunas to put a stop to all this.  This idiot is going to do something he never could do intentionally.. he’s bringing people together alright… against him.

Yeah.. Putin has nothing on him?  Doesn’t look that way from here.


Most assuredly this nonsense will change the tenor of the mid term election for sure.. and adios GOP.


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