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“You know what it is? Here’s the thing. The public isn’t — you know, they read newspapers, they see television, they watch. They don’t know if it’s true or false because they’re not involved. I’m involved. I’ve been involved with this stuff all my life. But I’m involved. So I know when you’re telling the truth or when you’re not. I just see many, many untruthful things.”

Ladies and gentlemen.. our President of the United States.

I watched that hour and fifteen minute display and my mood shifted from boiling to sheer laughter.  Pretty much my reaction was “WTF?”.  For one hour and fifteen minutes our president stood in front of umpteen millions of viewers and roasted the press, exaggerated facts, babbled nearly incoherently about his “fantastic landslide” win in the electoral college, promoted his affection for Putin and Russia, fired another fear salvo regarding Isis walking down Main Street America, illegal immigrants taking jobs and raping and pillaging America, bringing up Hillary Clinton for some reason, and just plain embarrassed himself.

Here’s a sample of the strange babble that comes from our president.

“I ran for president to present the citizens of our country. I am here to change the broken system so it serves their families and their communities well. I am talking — and really talking on this very entrenched power structure, and what we’re doing is we’re talking about the power structure; we’re talking about its entrenchment. As a result, the media is going through what they have to go through too often times distort – not all the time – and some of the media is fantastic, I have to say – they’re honest and fantastic.”

What the hell does any of this mean, other than the person saying it might be a bit off his rocker????

What happened to truly answering the thought provoking questions, acting presidential with a balance of knowledge with the emotion, promoting his policies with an eye for ALL Americans and not just who he perceives are his supporters, echo America’s greatness and involvement on the world stage, show some intellectual prowess, and be an optimistic leader for ALL Americans?

Now, there’s some folks who think Trump is in fact a genius and he acts in this bazaar manner to distract his opponents or somehow it’s a strategy to throw his detractors off balance.  Sorry… you have NO respect for the American people if you have to appear to be an idiot in front of them intentionally.  I don’t actually believe his behavior is all façade for effect.  He has no strategy.. just his own way of doing things that he’s used to applying in the business world.  He’s connected to his own perception of reality.  He also still dwells on this idea that there’s a huge number of his opponents who are actively trying to invalidate his win.  He’s a sore winner.. bigly.

So, what do we do?  Wait for the various investigations to run their course.. Trump and his staffers chatting with the Russians during the campaign… the issue regarding the emoluments clause coming into play regarding any Trump business entanglements in the various countries… anything yet lingering regarding Flynn and the Russians.  Allow Congress and the FBI to do their job.  Hopefully there’s some patriotic republicans with the kahunas to say enough-is-enough.  Yes, it will take a while.. and yes, in the meantime this guy is going to appear on our TV set making senseless babble.  The more he speaks, the more he’s digging his own hole.

But….. in the meantime one can’t help but be pissed off.  He says the country is very divisive, but he blames the press and democrats for that, when all he has to do is look into the mirror to see the prime culprit.  More importantly, he has does NOTHING to try and change the focus of the country against being divisive.

Keep banging away at your Congressmen, folks.

Carry on, America!