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Are we keeping score yet?

Well, actually one might assign the nation’s Trump-era political violence having begun back with the 2017 baseball practice shooting done by a left wing mental case from Illinois and aimed at Republicans.  As we speak the news is alive with the multi-bomb attempts.. and yet to be determined mystery powder… sent through the mail to the Obamas, the Clintons, Eric Holder, the Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, rich guy Democratic supporter George Soros, and former CIA guru Brennan c/o CNN offices; and one wonders if there’s any more floating around.  All the targets this time were Democrats… suggesting, of course, the culprit-bomber in this case being a right wing nut case.

At this point in the investigation we have to keep open the idea that the bomber in this case could be a left winger trying to fake a right wing act.  In that case we’d not only be experiencing fake news but also fake terrorism responsibility.  For all we know this isn’t one bit politically motivated.. although tough to see that.  That remains to be seen.  I’m certainly NOT surprised that these things have occurred and I am sure the blood of Americans will be spilled.. not spilled by our hero servicemen serving in overseas assignments defending our nation’s policies… but the blood of innocent fellow Americans right here on U.S. soil.. by-standers who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  We should expect this.


And WHY Should We Expect This?

One only needs to take a gander at who’s occupying the Oval Office these days.  Any normal president would assume the role of a moral center for the country; a kind of cheerleader on how great Americans are, how compassionate and benevolent we can be on a human level.  A president’s traditional role is to galvanize Americans to work together.  Present a measure of optimism, and to temper any potential political or social divisiveness with encouraging words of action with the help of Congress.  The president traditionally exemplifies and promotes all Americans working together on solving our problems; using our collective patriotism in that regardless of our issues we always come through to be better than we were.

Sadly, Trump is not “any traditional president” (although his supporters see that as a positive).  He reminds us of that each and every day.  He is NOT the nation’s cheerleader by any definition.  He does NOT galvanize the nation to pull together during times of crisis.  In fact, he feeds a continuing crisis of fear, lies, and encourages chaos as a tool to promote fear of unfounded “outside threats” to our society and our economy.  He stifles optimism and thrives on divisive “us against them” rhetoric.  He attends rallies for the specific reason of using volatile talk that incites his supporters to respond to the press violently, and to unspecified “enemies” that disagree with his lack-luster mantra.  He makes our own institutions into anti-American entities out to manipulate our freedoms. He promotes racial bias and white entitlement. Trump IS responsible in the largest sense to fomenting the environment that encourages the violence exhibited thus far.. and future inevitable violence.

There will not be a civil war in the shooting sense of the last one.  What will occur will be localized attacks of violence and some attempted assassinations using whatever deadly chemical compounds are available, and whatever guns someone might get their hands on.  I’m sure we can expect car bombs (a fave terrorist device), random shootings.. sniper shootings… and bombs and chems-by-mail.

So hunker down folks.  If you are not a Trump supporter then get off your ass and VOTE to end this.  If you ARE a Trump supporter… if you or your loved ones get caught in the crossfire of any of these violent acts… (and I knock on wood that you escape injury)… consider how your vote got us to this point.. and use your vote for the GOOD OF THE NATION this time.


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