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Man of the hour.. Mr. Gene Huber.

Yesterday’s theatrics in Florida just continues to confound America while at the same time give him the fix he needs to make it another week in the White House.  The country is in a identity quandary, the White House is in some level of administrative chaos, Russia is testing us, ICE is rounding up the good, the bad, and the ugly

(according to Trump’s definition), the country is politically divisive, his favor-ability is at 38{0ab7dfbf012a810114ec5acf7807847dfa23e59660bbc397f14557f2fcacba41} according to Gallup, one can only sense the problems just gurgling under the surface in the administration.. and what is our Dear Leader doing?  He’s in Florida being the Campaigner-in-Chief.  Yet another appalling exhibition of his need for praise and acceptance from the political base that worships the ground he walks on.

Now, it might not be so bad if he actually said something new.  But he never does, at these affairs.  The same old bad press, fake news, meanderings, the same old “I inherited a mess” sidestepping, and the all-to-familiar make-America-great-again-and-I-will-fix-it-all.  Any person with a level of common sense can see through all this.  Yes, of course he does this to by-pass the press.  But if you are going through all this to thwart the press at least say something of substance.  Tell the country what you’ve done this week to make America great again.  Tell the country your next step.. in some detail so that the people can be part of the process.  Tell the nation what is being done to remedy the divisiveness and promote a unified effort to accommodate ALL Americans.  Be the nation’s cheerleader for who we are and what we have.. and not dwell on how badly his perception is about “the mess” he’s inherited.  Why won’t the president ACT presidential?  When will he become a leader for ALL Americans and not just his misguided and impulsive minority?

Look, it’s one thing to cut against the grain, act as a maverick of change, scream about draining some damn swamp full of elites, and shoving fear down our throats daily.  It’s a whole other thing to just initiate your ideas without some level of thought given to possible outcomes and ramifications (as was illustrated with introducing the travel ban).  By the way, what exactly IS an “elite” anyway?  Maybe someone might post a reply.


Gene Huber… he’s the fellow who Trump invited on the stage.  Reportedly a used car salesman from Boynton Beach, is an American as much as any of us, and he has an opinion.  I sense his enthusiasm seems a little obsessive perhaps for his own good; even if I have a firm belief it’s never too firm to be changed; I like to think I have an open mind.   But nonetheless, Mr. Huber is a very dedicated supporter and I respect that.  Honestly, his exuberance in having been singled out by the one person in his life he admires so much was a little compelling for me.  Now, could this fellow have been a Trump setup?  No.. I don’t think so as I don’t give Trump that much credit for thinking like that… and maybe that’s to his credit.

But Mr. Huber’s guttural admiration for Trump, regardless how you feel about it, does represent the common Trump supporter.  It’s often a blind acceptance and an unwillingness to entertain facts, or alternative facts, in exchange for some level of blind hope.  It’s far easier to assume that the entire mainstream press is in some grand cahoots against Trump than to use some level of common sense in how the press functions in society and what checks and balances exist to indeed keep them a little honest.  It’s far easier to believe Trump when he says that Isis terrorists are walking up Main Street USA, than believe any media or government numbers that this is not happening, because of the intense hatred Trump supporters have for Obama and/or the Clintons.

Well, you know the problem with addictions.  Those euphoric highs need constant feeding.  One day his crowds might not be there to give him his fix.  In the meantime, it’s us Americans who have to put up with this mess.. the mess HE is creating to pass on to the next president.

Carry on, America.