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Recently I was asked if I could boil down Trump’s Presidency to one word, what would that word be.  I replied, “Inappropriate”.

If you look back on all the animus emanated against our Dear Leader you will see that it can all be brought into focus through the judgmental lens of appropriateness, or rather inappropriateness.  Take away for a moment feelings about his agenda, and all the suspicion of him having somehow broken the law, either in the past, the present, or a possible future.  Forget for the moment any possible illegality.  If you take a step back from that much, you can see very easily that the offense of Trump-the-man to the nation is his inappropriate behavior, inappropriate moral actions, inappropriate bullying, inappropriate use of power, inappropriate adherence to presidential tradition and moral responsibility… and so on, and so on.  It’s all about his inappropriateness across the board.

Being inappropriate is not assigning legal guilt for breaking a law, or even a suspicion of something like interfering in an official investigation.  Now, charges of “collusion” by themselves are not necessarily illegal but the actions that might suggest collusion can be certainly deemed inappropriate actions.  There’s no law regarding being inappropriate.  Commonly it’s a judgment call on personal action(s) and subsequent ramifications.

Now you might suggest that before any inappropriateness can be determined to be just that, it calls upon the judgment of others.  As with most things human.. one person’s inappropriate behavior could be interpreted by another person to be very appropriate.  A current case in point, Trump’s removing Brennan’s security clearance as punishment or retribution for Brennan being vocal against Trump’s behavior.  No question Trump was well within his authority as President to do so for any reason, fake or otherwise.  But the judgment is being made by many that his use of presidential power, in this case, was grossly inappropriate given his reasons were all about him and not one concern for the safety and security of the nation.  Strangely, the man lies for a living and he could have just made up some “security of the nation” garbage… but from what I see there are two reasons floating around.. both from the White House, and neither reason suggests national security as a priority but rather oblique reference to performance integrity.

Looking back it’s not impossible to assign Trump’s actions in any venue, personal, public, real estate “mogul”, TV show celebrity… being inappropriate is a typical behavior for him.  But when you are the top dog (oh dear… did I just call him a dog?), big cheese, head honcho, grand pooh-bah… being inappropriate is irrelevant if it gets you what you want.  Being President of the United States is about as “top dog” as anyone can get… and this just extends his powers of inappropriateness to the point that he now has a base that doesn’t perceive anything he does as being inappropriate at all.

Now.. I will even go so far as to also accuse Congress of inappropriate action… by being totally and impotently inactive… and GOP members who favored old school republicanism now marching to the out-of-cadence beat of Trump’s bump of the drum.  The Executive is faltering and we can’t get help from Congress.  How much more inappropriate is that?  But when you assign any level of blame to a body like that it just deflects because there’s no one person taking responsibility for their performance… and individually they point the finger at the next guy anyway.

But one thing seems very obvious… nothing is going to happen to remove Trump until the inappropriateness reaches a level of the intolerable.  Let’s just hope the damage can still be repaired.


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