In 2016 democracy won yet again, but America lost.  -Me

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Embrace the horror!  Or, can it be avoided?

Anything I have said about my disdain regarding Trump as the President has already been said in previous posts.  Quite honestly I am tired of him and his antics to the point where I am simply “coasting” along as an observer and “Biden-ing” my time while he destroys his own chances at re-election.  So far he is doing quite well at that each passing day.  Just today FOX reported their own poll as revealing that the first four Democratic contenders would beat Trump if the election were held today.. with Trump across the board stuck at 39%.  But we all know his supporters don’t believe in the polls; after all, poll watching didn’t prove effective in 2016, right?

Over the recent months I have been cautioning anyone reading my replies on various blogs that between now and the election current events… that is, Trump tweets, Trump-inspired world events, Trump-inspired domestic events, Trump-inspired political issues, Trump-inspired economic horrors, etc. are going to get much, much worse.  Just this week alone the stock market plummeted suggesting a curve that points to an impending recession…. because of Trump’s tariffs, of course.  Then there was the absurd nonsense about the two Muslim Congresswomen prohibited from visiting Israel by the Netanyahu government, at the request of Trump, for the usual political reasons… and the ongoing lies he spews at yet another rally to bolster his ego in New Hampshire.  The beat goes on… and it’s getting louder (“You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!”).  All this drama and threats to our national security in the coming months is inevitable because this is who Trump is; his Modus operandi.


So.. Here’s The Question For Trump Supporters

I am very curious on this… “How much will Trump have to do for you to reach a point of denying him further?”  In essence, what’s your line in the sand that will make you flip and turn against him?

Or.. maybe the better question to ask… the more patriotic question to ask… “How much further will you accept the country sinking into a moral, political, and economic abyss before you deny Trump?”

I dare presume that any answer would be along the lines of, “We aren’t there yet.” or the much scarier answer, “My denying Trump will never happen.” (akin to the “from my cold, dead hands” proclamation)


Aw, Let’s Just Relax

So, I suppose we just all kick back and watch events be created and run their course until election day.  I won’t necessarily venture an election projection given the 2016 result shocker is still affecting me.  But I can submit this much… there sure seems to be not an awful lot of joy in Mudville these days.

Of course there’s still that possibility of…. shhhh.. impeachment… lingering out there. Tic-toc, tic-toc.  Like sands through the hourglass…..

Maybe it’s more like hearing the WW2 European radio playing that metronome.. the sinister back-and-forth clicking rhythm the only thing breaking the anticipatory silence.. before the bombs started to fall.

(Hear the “Jeopardy” waiting music yet?”)


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