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Oh I am very sure the thought of that simply irks my very few conservative Trumpster readers because the typical Trump base likes to think they alone are the watchdogs of the Constitution and no one is more fervent in protecting our “white” nationalism under the guise of patriotism than Trump’s base.  Well, first off I’m not suggesting Trumpsters are disloyal Americans.  What I am speculating is that there are a number of strong elements of Trump’s persona and behavior and action that can easily question one’s loyalty to the country if one continues to support him.  This has nothing to do with the validity or strength of his agenda.

Let’s explore.


Case One –

There are those who find Trump’s behavior over the last year as unpredictable… and there’s a world of corroborating evidence to suggest that… the most recent the Wolff book, the book from those 20+ psych professionals, and any number of other publications.  Now.. here’s the thing with all those so-called authors and their alleged evidence.  I personally don’t need them to tell me what is obvious and apparent to me.  I see it.. I read the Tweets…  I listen to him constantly make no sense when he speaks, I see him as no intellect, strategist, or even a business guru.  All I need for “evidence” is what I see and perceive by simply being another human being appalled at what I see as being representative of a duly elected president.  This is all I need to interpret his demeanor as being a clear and present danger to the security of the U.S.  I don’t need any professional to sell me on it.


Case Two –

The guy has continually took to task every entity of our democratic process that supports our freedoms and carries out the spirit of the Constitution.  From the FBI, to Homeland Security, to the DOJ… the entire intelligence community, Generals, the Pentagon… every entity that serves to protect us and defend us across the board.  A president who does that as impulsively are arbitrarily as much as he does… represents a clear and present danger to the security of the U.S.


Case Three –

He refuses to acknowledge the universally accepted and documented intel community declaration of Russian involvement in our election process… and in refusing that acknowledgment, has refused to endeavor to take the Russians to task in any way, diplomatically or militarily, thereby leaving the country open to continued Russian intervention in the coming elections.  Personally I find this as traitorous… unless he can explain himself.  He is NOT defending the country against our biggest threat… and thereby represents a clear and present danger to the security of the U.S.


Case Four –

Trump continually denigrates countries using racial slurs thus endangering our civilian and/or military personnel serving in those areas with retribution, and putting at risk diplomatic missions and ongoing policy missions… his actions thereby presenting a clear and present danger to the security of the U.S.


Case Five –

This president has done more to foster divisiveness in this nation than any president in modern history.  Some 35-40 {0ab7dfbf012a810114ec5acf7807847dfa23e59660bbc397f14557f2fcacba41} of Americans support this divisiveness, moral deterioration, and racial bigotry.  Therefore… there’s a risk to our national security by outside forces desiring to take advantage of our chaos from within.. hence, Trump represents a clear and present danger to the security of the U.S.


All this seems to me that if anyone is supporting this behavior by Trump… then you may want to reconsider your loyalty position to the country… and your morality for justifying the supporting of a racist president.  This is NOT my America… and especially NOT my president.  This president has made MY White House a shithole.  It’s time to clean house.