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There are a number of real bozo’s on the right wing that would actually entertain some level of civil unrest, or even a civil war, to kinda “cleanse” the Washington elites, remove public enemy #1.. the press, and eliminate from the gene pool all those God-forsaken Obama and Clinton lovers from the face of the planet.

These are the clowns that also think their guns are going to make sure everyone complies with their idea of democracy.  They worship the Second Amendment as being the most important one on the list; ignoring, of course, the fact that the Second Amendment itself has contributed  nothing toward the existence of our country other than it once might have been a quasi-“insurance policy”.  Let’s explore all this.

What Would A Civil War Apocalypse Look Like?

The only thing we really have to compare with is our own Civil War from 1861-1865.  Quite honestly, that was a far more “organized” and politically defined conflict that any similar conflict we might imagine today.  To begin with, back then the country was indeed divided.. but divided into two schools of thought… one side wanting to preserve the Union and the other side wanting to preserve an economic and social way of life.  If you feel better calling it.. one side wanted to abolish slavery and the other side wanted to keep it.. so be it.  My point for this discussion is the two sides were indeed focused on their own cause.  The rebels-with-a cause were not some leaderless rabble; they were state-organized military units led by recognized military leaders… many having seen combat in the war with Mexico and having graduated from West Point.

Right now this country is smack in the middle of conflicting divisions all vying for a voice, social influence, some political say in what they want the country to evolve into, and some with the obligatory “old scores to settle”.  It’s way more than just nationalism vs. progressivism.  There would be no growing groundswell of nationalistic pride unified to one view or another… waiting for the first symbolic shot against the sitting government onto some metaphoric Ft. Sumter.  There will be no state secessions; no one is organized for that.

Would/Could There Ever Be A Civil War?

A civil war in the more traditional sense?  Nope.  Not at all.  Civil discontent going to violent acts?  Yes.  Violence in the streets?  Yes.  People getting killed/assassinated?  Yes.  Riots.. violent and reactionary demonstrations?  But of course!  Martial law? Yep.  It’s happened before.  Would there be clashing military or paramilitary guerrilla groups fighting each other or the government military in the streets?  Ummm… no.   A coordinated quasi-military armed assault of the White House by AR-15 toting pissed off militant Americans?  In the movies, maybe.

Total anarchy.. a free-for-all?  Very possibly THAT is the big risk… and if left to go unabated for very long people will reach out locally for leaders that will organize with a promise to stop the chaos and restore order… and “make it all go away”.   A kind of neighborhood watch on super steroids and with machine guns.  Our American Civil War was never an open anarchy situation.  Yes, there were some civil discontent and riots in the North in some cities for various regulatory impositions, like the draft.  But the conduct of the War itself was purely a military conflict.

Why Would I Think There Would Be No “Conventional” Civil War?

As I already mentioned, there are no organized, focused, dominating movements.  There are factions everywhere all wanting to be heard and wanting one thing or another.  Oddly, I firmly feel that one detriment to having a civil war is our technology.  News, real, fake, in between, travels way too quickly.. diverting peoples’ attention from one minute to the next.  There’s no pause to digest, contemplate, and unify and rally toward a single common goal.  What might have been a rallying cry for action 30 minutes ago is not relevant 30 minutes from now.  Sure.. an instant message can go out rallying any and all reading their phone to run over to State and Main streets to confront the local cops… but likely that communication will not be available to the extent of coordinating a military action, which if planned properly for maximum effect is never a spontaneous event.

Here’s the important question… could any situation deteriorate to the point where any or all of my “Four Horsemen” events could occur?  In an anarchy-defined free-for-all, of course there’s a risk.

For informational purposes here’s a quick Re-hash of my “Four Horsemen” events that would define a potential apocalypse…

These elements are the four common denominators for the end of our society, if not humanity itself.  But as I said, any apocalypse scenario need not be the wiping out of humanity and chances are any catastrophe would fall very short of that; allowing many of us to survive.. but to what end?

Loss of electricity

Loss of drinking water

Loss of the Internet (technology)

Loss (breakdown) of social order

 These elements interact within each other, against each other, and by themselves.  They don’t have to occur in any order, and the loss of one will trigger the loss of the other.  You lose electricity, down goes water distribution and the Internet.  You lose water, people don’t drink, can’t work, down go the other elements.  You lose the Internet you will ultimately loose electric, then water.  Of course, all of these lead to a loss of social order,  and if the economy takes a tumble due to a political or financial upheaval then the loss of social order initiates the loss of the other elements.

The single variable of all these that determines temporary gloom or permanent doom is…time.  At one time or another we’ve all experienced at least 5 minutes with the first three of these elements.  The lights go back on when a circuit breaker is reset, the water company fixes the leak, the cable company repairs the Internet box… and our lives quickly return to normal.  Now imagine days or weeks (or months) in place of our 5 minutes… then we experience the forth element.


So I guess we would have to speculate how bad local or national anarchy violence would have to get to take out any of those elements for a length of time wherein society plummets out of control to the point government cannot regain control.  More than likely this would occur regionally… then spread across the country.  How might events unfold?

When people fear leaving the house would be a good indicator that things are going to get worse.  Lawless gangs roaming the streets… the stores are gutted and looted… and the distribution network into and out of urban areas will dry up because people will simply fear going to work with the loss of law and order.  Among those people who fear going to work might be the water folks manning the pumps… the electric company won’t likely have a lot of repair people to restore the inevitable power outages.  That means no computers.  As soon as the cell tower batteries run out.. toss out your phone.  That also means the city burns up; fires, most set for the kicks & grins of roving mobs, go unhindered because the fire and police have all gone home to protect their families because doing their jobs has become futile, dangerous, and no hope for backup support.  This all sounds like your “average” Los Angeles riot of the 60’s… limited to a few square blocks.  Except in this case, the need for food and consumables is going to bring gangs (or simply informal groups formed out of similar needs) outside of economically starved areas of the city and across the entire region.

As life becomes a bit more desperate people will venture out to forage for food and unless they are prepared they will be victims to other humans roaming about and wanting what they have.  You try to leave the city, well, that just brings the problems to the rural areas as the mass of humanity leaves the cities to go to their Aunt Edna’s home in rural Podunkville.

Remember another thing here.  As all this is going on.. the unburied bodies are piling up in the streets and inside buildings.  This brings the rats, ravenous dogs, then disease, then more people die.  This is all not rocket science to imagine.  You think the National Guard is going to help?  Well, ask yourself who makes up the National Guard… your neighbors who pretty much don’t want to leave home and let their family go unprotected.  Also, life expectancy of some National Guard convoy traveling around town is not likely going to be too long  given the number of guns in play… so the option of not reporting for duty in a futile environment with a questionable survival rate would seem high.

Here’s the kicker to all this… very likely this could all occur inside the first month of loss of governmental control.  This is not some pie-in-the-sky, this-will-happen-two-years-down-the-road event.  The average person.. average family.. has enough food in their fridge and pantries for about three days before they need a trip to the local grocery.  Just ask yourself… how long could you last before needing to leave the house and venture into total chaos to forage for food for your family?

There is one more thing to pass on regarding all this anarchy possibility.. as if lack of food, utilities, communication with the outside, and getting killed in the process of foraging, isn’t enough.  Women are going to be raped.  Sex may even end up being a bargaining “commodity”.  But violent acts toward women will become commonplace.  So if you are some macho male who has a collection of guns and think you can protect your family and feed your family and provide for your family, when total anarchy ensues.. think again.  You can delay the inevitable, of course, at least until the ammo runs out.


How Do We Avoid All This?

Use your vote and not your damn firearm; and if you’re afraid that the votes will be against your politics and retribution is in order… well, consider doing humanity a favor with your gun and………………………………………


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