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If you’re a regular blogger you’ve likely experienced this creative pause pretty much regardless  what your blog theme represents.  You either reach a point where writer’s block takes over, or, you reach a point where you’re tired of saying the same thing in different ways.

Political blogs, just by their nature in existing to tell others (who are not your followers) their opinions are wrong, have an inherent frustration level when there’s no lines of converts clicking the ‘follow’ box for  your continuing sage wisdom.  In my case I was under no illusions that endeavoring to blog anti-Trump opinion was pretty much an exercise in looking in a mirror and seeing yourself looking back.  But I had created another blog a couple years prior that was simply a compilation of many facets of who I was and some experiences.  As the political scene changed and my posts turned into more frequent political tirades I thought doing a spin-off political blog would separate me from… well, me.

With my old blog, for as diverse the subject matter tended to be, I did pass through a bout of ambivalence.. which lasted about 6 months at the time.  It wasn’t any issue about the lack of an audience to nominate me for the Pulitzer but rather I just got tired… and hence had little inspiration to write.  Then as sudden as me stopping, I started up again.  There were no ‘welcome back’ cheering accolades or ticker parades upon my triumphant return (other than the occasional “Hey.. I thought you were dead!” replies… that warmed the cockles of my heart).

Then came Trump, The Incompetent.  I was already taking blood pressure meds for other reasons, so I needed something else to ease the pain.  FindingPoliticalSanity became therapy… and, a quasi-bi-partisan forum for me to bitch about the new president being unqualified for anything other than reality TV shows.  Obviously, trying to be bi-partisan in promoting the president as a mental case doesn’t work well for the President’s supporters, even if I am not picking on his agenda.  Hence for most folks my blog ends up being very partisan. (“You hate Trump because you think he’s incompetent??  You goddamned libtard!.”).

But the real challenge with this blog has been just trying to keep up with all Trump’s chaos.  I actually end up enjoying his weekends at Mar-A-lago.  But as this circus continues one has to adapt or go crazy.  I’ve learned to just let most of his crap pass on it’s own life span… usually just 24 hours.  Literally what happened on Monday is “last year” by Friday.  But the true tragedy.. the thing that bothers me the most… the thing that makes all this the more frustrating… is that the country is suffering from it all, and about a third of the country’s electorate is enjoying all this chaos.  For every topic I end up posting about, there are five that just pass by.

My blog fatigue these days is due to frustration rather than old school writer’s block or apathy.


Can you believe it… he’s pulling our military out of the Syria conflict, and our allies.. and the Pentagon… have no idea what’s going on.  “Mission Accomplished” déjà vu going on here??

The beat goes on… relentlessly.