OMG… People, And Business, Fear Being In A Trump Tweet Now?

Presidential tweet intimidation?? Amazing how we’ve descended into some abyss even further.  You constantly hear from the far right at how much the Constitution means to them to the point that they are frothing at the mouth, fearing someone will take away their Second Amendment or some other ridiculous fear.  Then I read something like this….

CNN is reporting today about the “unfortunate” situation former Superbowl 49’ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick seems to have landed in following that kneeling-for-the-national-anthem stunt last year.  It’s been a week into the free agency and no one seems to want to sign him up.  The reporter of the article speculates there might be a number of other contributing reasons, but one rings an alarm bell to me and honestly.. no one else yet is picking up on it.

It seems some factors include some questionable performance stats from recent games, maybe a rumor or two about not playing well with others, but largely it’s the concern for his kneeling protest.  But here’s the big concern I have following one objection to having him start on a new team…  

“They think there might be protests or [President Donald] Trump will tweet about the team.”

WHOA!  You mean…. someone might be making a business decision under some form of possible publicity intimidation tweet from the President??  Does anyone realize the ramifications of that idea?  I mean, this goes way beyond just sports here.  We all know that technically Obama could file a civil suit against Trump for the false wiretap accusation, but he won’t (for good reason).  But what if our Dear Leader ends up tweeting his opinion sometime regarding another business or industry and it sends stocks for that business plummeting?  He could most certainly end up in a lawsuit for lost revenue or loss of goodwill for that business. What if Trump bathroom tweets some off-the-cuff-remark about anyone and it creates any libel situation… or tweets nonsense about a foreign power (like this Britain spying fiasco) and there’s ramifications to Americans overseas or someone, somewhere, gets killed for what he tweets?  You know inside of the remaining four years he has left something like this WILL occur.

According to this sports report it’s the fear of being “tweeted about”; decisions, business and political, could very likely be made taking into consideration the anticipation or expectation of a Trump tweet causing harm or damage. 

Will HE take responsibility for it?  Hell no!

For those who want to read the entire CNN report…  go HERE.

Back in September 1, 2016 BT (before Trump) I posted my own opinion of Kaepernick’s stunt on my old blog if you want more detail.

Kaepernick. And We Wonder Why The Extreme Right Is So Wound Up?

Yep.. let’s make America great again.. one damn tweet at a time!

What a schmuck.