So now Trump the Chump Tweets the accusation that Obama of wire tapping his Trump Tower residence.. has absolutely NO evidence to make such an accusation (but as you know, he never needs evidence), likely got his “information” from some “real news” authority nutjob talkradio schmuck, Mark Levin, sending the country into yet again another mystified spin into crazyland… making FBI boss Comey ask the boss-less Justice Department to refute Trump’s assertions, itself unprecedented.

James Clapper, Obama’s DNI and the man who knows the who, what, and where of all federal wiretaps, says there was NO Trump wiretaps.  Trump refuses to provide evidence.. and now he escapes answering questions using the “trumped up” excuse that since he has called for investigations that he now can’t comment.  (he is totally ignorant of politics.. so someone is feeding this strategy to him).

In the background of all this is the Russiagate crap spinning around.

(Trump is truly a reprehensible, idiotic, ignoramus.)

Add to his crap, North Korea is still engaged in amateur rocketry tests.. and God know who he’s testing in all this.

The international community is looking at us with bewilderment as to whether or not we are politically capable to live up to our various treaty responsibilities or even our day-to-day international policy diplomacy.  Everyone is confused and numb and is waiting so far.  But soon enough something is going to test the Trump administration.. no, they will be testing the patience of the American people.. and idiot Trump will be representing us.

This guy is an absolute idiot.. a world embarrassment… and does have some level of mental incapacity.  Ugh!

I cannot understand why Trump supporters were so disenchanted, disenfranchised, dysfunctional… enough to want some slob doing this to our country.  This has to do with some bizarre bastardization of someone’s idea of extreme right, white-backlash, patriotism.  

My last post was about the nuclear football.  I wonder what might happen if Trump perceives himself being pushed against some political wall.  What happens if he’s impeached.  The republicans always liked to quote Reagan.. Trump is acting way more like Nixon.  There was a point during the Nixon impeachment and resignation consideration where Nixon allegedly “joked” about nuking people.  Trump has nutcases like Bannon, who has a history of proclaiming that everything should be torn down to start over, working for him and having Trump’s ear.

His nonsense is not making America great one bit.  God help us all.