Air Force One

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No.. this isn’t a spiritual reflection on the accomplishments of the Almighty… but rather a reflection about someone who thinks he is almighty.

Conservatives all over use that as some level of justifying Trump’s overall behavior as president.  I hear it from elected conservatives when they are being interviewed by the media and I certainly read it from conservative blogsters.  It’s as if there’s this universal acceptance of the old adage, “the end justifies the means”.  “He’s a maverick who likes to tweet, but just look at all the good he’s been able to accomplish!”.  It’s VERY difficult to understand why even some seemingly intelligent conservatives and GOP’ers just accepted this whacked justification when it’s so obvious that Trump, each and every day, is exhibiting a clear and present danger to the security of the nation.


North Korea?

The State department is pretty much a non-agency now given there’s no one running the place, it’s been gutted regarding personnel, there is no foreign policy by the administration  (largely because there’s not a lot of people heading up the administration), which leaves only the President himself should the meeting with Little Kim materialize.  Right about now I am hoping the meeting falls through.  I do not have one bit of faith that Trump, nor anyone he might pick to head up State with only 30 days maybe to learn the job before such a meeting.  Forget the damn meeting; our country is not prepared for it by any stretch.  Trump will be a clear and present danger if he is considering winging this alone.



It’s clear as the nose on Trump’s aging face that the Russian’s “have him” in some fashion.  My evidence?  Just review all the publicized revelations of emails, dossiers, facts revealed by the press that thus far haven’t been disputed, nutty remarks by Trump himself, and Trump’s total avoidance in dealing with the election meddling by Putin… and avoiding any confrontational statements directly.   But I am not a court of law.  Mueller will get around to it.  More indictments are sure to come.  Until then, Trump’s favor of Russia, and more specifically, Putin, is most certainly a clear and present danger to the country.

Then there’s the alleged Russian use of chemical agents to assassinate people it doesn’t like.  It’s getting tougher and tougher for Trump to ignore Russia… but the question is, why is he doing that at all?


Oh.. And Speaking of the Mueller Investigation?

As of this writing Mueller has subpoenaed Trump organization documents.  I fully expect Trump to remove Mueller down the line because Trump exhibits a Nixionian mindset.  The fact that this will likely happen is indeed a clear and present danger to the security of the nation as Trump will remove him to evade the truth, hinder the investigation, and sway any results to his favor… and continue to let the Russians.. Putin… have their way.

If Mueller finds some campaign hanky-panky regarding use of funds in the Stormy Daniels affair, then so much the better.  If there’s a Russian connection spawning from that affair, or from the Russian “sex coach” currently languishing in a Thai prison who claims to have info on oligarchs and Trump, so be that as well.  The whole point is…….. everything is piling up on Trump.


His Impulsive “International” Behavior?

It’s being revealed that at a private GOP fund raiser Trump bragged that he lied about U.S./Canadian trade stats.  Just goes to illustrate the potential risk to not only our allies but also our non-allies in possibly misunderstanding U.S. intentions.  This mentally sick president just blurts out garbage for whatever reason… and he allegedly represents the greatest power on earth.  He’s still badgering Mexico about the wall building, and our relations with that country and its president is worrisome.  He shows a preference and almost admiration for leaders of countries that have autonomous rule and exert power over their citizens.  He recently blurted out that if there isn’t some understanding between the U.S. and South Korea that he will consider pulling our troops out of there.  What message is that trying to convey… that Trump’s an idiot? I hope that’s all it is.  Trump is a damn liar in general.  Nonetheless, his international verbal antics are a clear and present danger to the security of the country.


Impulsive Tariffs?

What Trump has historically done in board rooms, with bankers, and with vendors is NOT what is done in carrying out our international trade goals.  He knows nothing other than what he “feels” needs changing.  You don’t just sign off on trade tariffs and welcome all comers to a trade war.  This is a clear and present danger to the country.  Trade wars.. trade disputes… always have political ramifications… and sometimes, military.  Besides that, apparently time will tell just how successful any of these tariffs are domestically.


Our National Divisiveness?

There’s no question that this “divide” was seething just under the surface before the last election, but Trump himself was a catalyst for bringing it out in the open.  Yet it’s the job of every American president to act as national “cheerleader”.. spreading the American spirit domestically and internationally, communicating our hopes and dreams as a nation, and just plain being a unifier in thought, words, and deed.  Trump has been, and continues to be, none of this.  As a result, he has fed the national divide, allowing right wing, alt-right, alt-left.. whatever radicals are out there, to feed the flames of national discontent.  He is totally concerned about playing to his damn base more than playing to all Americans.  He pushes his programs and agenda without ANY attempt to actually try and sell the concepts to the American people simply because he has no idea how to do it, and he feels he doesn’t have to answer to the American public.  He’s the boss and will jam whatever down our throats “for our own good”.  Our enemies are surely seeing our vulnerabilities rising to the surface… and the smart ones are going to play that against us.  Trump IS a clear and present danger to the country.


And finally…..


Trump’s Behavior In General?

There’s absolutely NO question that his behavior as a person, his demeanor, his ill-experience and complete lack of political, diplomatic and military judgment makes him a buffoon president, a disgrace to the nation, and an U.S. embarrassment to the world… and thusly a clear and present danger to the country.  His personal life is a slovenly disaster and morally questionable.  But.. fear not… the Trumpster conservatives, especially those God-fearing evangelicals who don’t require morality in the White House anymore,  are proud of this guy and his accomplishments!  What does that make them?


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