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We have “him” on one side and the disease on the other.  Seems like a good time to unite.

You know what appalls me the most here?  That I am actually having to present an opinion that calls out the behavior of a sitting president…  during a damn evolving health and economic crisis!  I don’t like it.. I don’t like the nation being at this point.. and I surely do not like a sitting president totally mishandle his role as the national leader during events such as this. Normally  I consider it a bit patriotic to rally with the sitting prez in a crisis like this.  In the least we expect a sitting president to rally us to work together through a crisis of this magnitude, putting our political differences on hold for the collective good of the nation.  But not with this guy.

Yet.. having said all that, perhaps this is, in fact, just the “right” crisis to expose his leadership incompetence to the nation in time for the election.  But at what cost?  First off, let’s establish up front that this crisis will be no national cake walk because this virus has killed some folks and will very likely kill more, around the world, before it goes seasonally dormant… or we devise a vaccine 18 months from now.  Statistically it might be only 2%-4% mortality… but that’ still a helluva number of people… and before it’s over I could even fall victim given I am in the higher risk age group.  Those of us that might survive this thing are going to be dealing with a faltering economy and a completely changed social living condition to prevent this virus from getting into our homes.  But consider this.. for as nasty and deadly this crisis will be on a couple levels…. as crises go… this virus is “simply” a flu variant and we will have a vaccine for it at some point.  This isn’t some deadly spreading-by-the-minute hemorrhagic fever of the kind you see nearly wiping out humanity in the movies.  This also isn’t a political crisis with impending or actual war breaking out somewhere… or missiles being lobbed across the oceans… with mushroom clouds when they hit.  The end result following our taming of coronavirus will likely not be Armageddon or anything remotely close to that.

So.. if we had to experience an incompetent leader.. this health crisis is probably the best one to weather through together.  We can just ignore Trump and his mindless meanderings as he contributes nothing toward solving the problem.  He’s far more concerned with his own re-election.  We can thank the gods that we have medical professionals appearing to call the shots and try and explain how we work within our nation’s gross non-preparedness… which the disease itself getting here is not truly any fault of Trump directly, but rather a collective defect in establishing our national priorities.  Trump’s contribution to this crisis is in being an individual with misguided self-serving priorities to the point that his value as the leader of the country is non-effective and mostly counter-productive.

It’s being revealed as this post is being prepared that the testing regulations in effect by the FDA, CDC, etc. early in February were too closely adhered to as a matter of safety and quality concerns

Now, to anyone who requires some illustration from which I base my non-Trumpian pontifications, let me present some of my meager observations.

Point One: We already know this President intimately from before Day One of his administration.  He’s grossly inarticulate, a poor communicator at best, could care less about details, and care more about his own skin than anything else on the planet.  Now, if you are a Conservative you might add, “Sure, he might be all that but look at all the good he’s done for America!”  I’m not arguing anything good or bad about all the “good” he has done for America.  The man is not one bit a rallying cheerleader of any kind.  It’s the main reason he continues to foment our national divide by blathering his pomposity only to his screaming base.  He can’t communicate the proper message at the proper time, hence he’s little comfort in a crisis such as this.  Just replay the video of him telling Americans “it’s not all that bad”, and generally minimizing and downplaying the seriousness needed to convey any urgency in trying to prevent the spread of this virus.

Point Two:   Our President, and those appointed by him in the cabinet, are completely not credible sources of anything accurate.  Trump himself has demonstrated that for three years now with the huge number of lies, innuendo, schoolyard name-calling, blustering inaccuracies of reality and history, he is no purveyor of honesty.   When he talks… few people listen with any degree of serious attention anymore (if they ever did).  Let’s assume for the sake or argument 50% love him and his efforts in the office, and the other 50% of the public doesn’t trust or believe a word he says.  That’s pretty bad when trying to address a crisis, much less a health crisis.  Strangely, by comparison, Pence’s press gaggles in the role of being the head of the crisis committee, surrounded by medical people, has been a rather welcome escape from Trump’s usual nonsense meanderings.  At least Pence sounds a bit…. “old school presidential”, even if what he is saying is not all that much better.

Point Three:    Simply review the early video clips of the President talking publically to the press.  He certainly was trying to politically “weaponize” this crisis by looking to shift some element of blame to other sources, saying the Democrats and the Liberal press were making a big deal about nothing.   It’s very easy to see that this health crisis ticks him off personally as it’s not his “battleground”.  He can’t blame anyone, he can’t call anyone demeaning names nor assign derogatory nick names.  There’s no one to threaten, no one to experience his great powers of negotiation, and if this crisis continues to kill Americans he knows he will lose the election.

When asked if he would be tested given the linkage of exposure from a recent public event Trump trivializes by saying…

“I don’t think it’s a big deal, I would do it, I don’t feel any reason — I feel extremely good.”

Trump then added that he has “no symptoms, no anything.”

[UPDATE:  Recently Trump admitted in a crisis task force press gathering that he indeed has been tested for the virus, and results were negative.  Which then brings up other questions.  Would Trump ever admit to being “positive”?  Are there White House contingencies in the event the Presidential order of succession needs to be invoked temporarily.. with the expectation possibility that as the virus spreads the Presidential “baton” could be passed down three or more levels?  I am sure there are more possible questions.]

The man is totally oblivious to his role as President and the importance of the office in times of crisis.  Where’s the moral leadership?

Then there’s the apparent insensitivity of fellow human beings.. and Americans.  When Pence and the committee recommended plan that would allow the passengers of a cruise ship off the coast of San Franscisco to disembark into quarantine and not repeat the debacle of the Diamond Princess, Trump blows it off…  Politico reports..

But President Donald Trump had a different idea: Leave the infected passengers on board — which would help keep the number of U.S. coronavirus cases as low as possible.

“Do I want to bring all those people off? People would like me to do it,” Trump admitted at a press conference at the CDC later on Friday. “I would rather have them stay on, personally.”

“I don’t need to have the numbers double because of one ship that wasn’t our fault,” Trump added, saying that he ultimately empowered Pence to decide whether to evacuate the passengers.

Politico goes on to report Trump’s gross mismanagement in the six week prior.  Check the link HERE.

Then there’s Trump’s “hunches”.  Do his supporters really believe all his nonsense?  There’s gotta be a limit, folks.

The director of the World Health Organization said 3.4% of exposed people with the virus have died.  Trump tells Hannity in an interview…

“I think the 3.4 percent is really a false number — and this is just my hunch — but based on a lot of conversations with a lot of people that do this, because a lot of people will have this and it’s very mild, they’ll get better very rapidly. They don’t even see a doctor. They don’t even call a doctor. You never hear about those people,”

What is all this gibberish from our Commander-in-Chief?

Then there’s the recent Oval Office fiasco.  There’s no one with any speechwriting experience in the White House and certainly no seasoned political staff from which certain areas of concern can be addressed positively to the public… and advise the President on the economic ramifications on what he is saying.   These are just unskilled people blundering away at our expense.

The Oval Office speech itself… I apparently wasn’t the only one negatively inspired because the stock markets crashed even further the next day.

Here’s a simple fact with this crisis… Trump is in the way at best, and certainly not any national inspiration for America in the worst.  It must bug him immensely that having a record of demeaning and badgering our American institutions in general, he actually is being forced to defer to… dare I say the word… science?  The Great Denier can’t deny this.  He has to defer to medical professionals… and there’s no way to threaten political retribution against anyone.  Trump has finally met an enemy he has no power over, and it could very easily take him down by election time when more Americans get infected, it creeps across the White House lawn towards him, and more Americans will die.

Trump’s idiot son blathered out that Liberals and Dems are hoping millions will die in order to cast doubt on Trump.  I’ve wanted Trump out of office, fully anticipating this kind of behavior from him, since the day he was sworn in.  But… it is not worth the death of one single American.. much less any human being… to get Trump removed from office.  Since the beginning I have had the full faith and confidence in the man to do it himself…. and he is.

Wash your hands, listen to your heart, and…