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[About The Possibility Of Impeachment]   “I’m not concerned, no. I think that the people would revolt if that happened.” – Trump

Well, there ya go.  As recent as my last two posts I’ve indicated that as soon as the Dems get into office in January the battle will begin and events will hit the fan and the results will fly everywhere… including violence in some form.  Trump’s remark to Reuters today (HERE) pretty much not only predicts this battle but could also be interpreted as Trump calling up his minions and putting them on notice to commit violent acts of protest in support of his presidency.

No, I’m not suggesting one bit anything like an all out civil war.  I am not even suggesting anything like the urban riots during the civil rights era of the 1960’s, although I am sure Trump would love to see such support like that.  I am talking the occasional random nutcase doing random shooting attacks, maybe violent attacks  on certain people, the occasional demonstration at the Capitol or some other government location, some burning cars, etc.  All these kinds of incidents would be carried out in the defense of Trump going through the impeachment process.

So far I’ve not heard anyone from the media latching on to this interpretation of Trump “signaling” his base.  The media is busy devouring the various legal reports being released about Cohen and Flynn and the apparent evidence mounting, regarding Trump’s involvement.  Let’s pull this apart a bit.

“I’m not concerned, no.  I think that the people would revolt if that happened.”

Is he suggesting that he’s not concerned about being impeached because the people would revolt? Does his even suggesting that possibility imply he is thinking that’s his ultimate backup if he IS impeached?  Is he hoping his supporters somehow cause such a disruption that the impeachment would somehow be reversed?  Does he think the threat of his violent supporters will deter and/or intimidate members of Congress to not vote for impeachment?

Any of those possible assumptions Trump might fantasize about are in defiance to the Constitutional process.  Again, it’s the idea that Trump perceives himself as above the law.

I am very concerned at his remark here.  You should be too.


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