Impeachment is the drug-of-choice afforded by the Constitution to provide relief for our national constipation.  -Me

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“Son, we live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns…”

No question about it… Trump wants to tell the world what he did is right, without any remorse and without any denials.. and without the cautious advice from his White House aids to just shut the hell up, and stop the Tweets… just like Jack Nicholson’s character in “A Few Good Men”, Col. Nathan R. Jessup… because Trump thinks being President gives him the authority.  Don’t think so?  Mark my words.. this will happen before he leaves office, one way or the other.  His own arrogant perception of who he is will be his downfall.  (If you’ve never seen the 1992 movie do yourself a favor and rent it to see the Trump persona in action.)

Yesterday Trump had two press conferences with the President of Finland, Sauli Niinistö present.  He took most of the time trying to defend his impeachment-related accusations in his usual meandering way.  The gruff and impulsive exchange with Reuters reporter, Jeff Mason, provided a “tantalizing” view into what’s coming down the line with the mounting pressure against Trump.

In my opinion.. if pressed.. Trump would love to admit to his “code red”.


Besides Trump Himself Becoming More Impulsive…

…the White House itself is very ill-prepared and too disorganized to help Trump defend himself.  In fact, there’s inside talk of defections to get outta Dodge before it spreads.  There is no impeachment “war” team… no one calling the shots to circle the political wagons… Trump has no support structure.  His “world” is on the verge of collapse because of him.  Oh.. for sure this will not happen by the next weekend or anytime soon.  And as of this moment the Senate would never side to impeach.  But rest assured that Trump will demonstrate his “scorched earth- leave no prisoners” persona to the absolute brink.


I Wonder…

It was reported back during the 2016 campaign that Trump really didn’t expect to win, suggesting a bit that he very likely chose to run on a kind of dare.. over dinner maybe… as a kind of whimsical diversion.  He himself even stated that he really didn’t want the job (of president) at some point… also lamenting that traveling on Air Force One is a step down for him.  Could it be he wants out of the office… that he’s impeaching himself.. either in some Freudian manifestation of his psyche or intentionally?  While all this is an interesting theory, I don’t give it a lot of life necessarily.  I mention it at all simply that it IS possible.. although not likely probable.


Another Wonder…

It’s a subject of discussion among the talking heads and pundits that the Dems forcing impeachment will further divide an already divisive nation and/or sway the 2020 election toward Trump with voters perceiving the Dems are victimizing the President,with Trump himself rattling about a civil war.  If anything we have learned.. anything is possible.  But what I see as a very valid outcome, we may not be as divisive after the impeachment as we may think.  More so “not divisive” if the Senate follows through and Trump is out.  How can that be?

As I have mentioned, and many also concede, Trump’s behavior in the coming weeks/months is going to get far worse as he will be like a cornered animal.  It is very likely that his behavior could trigger further moral dilemmas for many of his supporters, and/or, his behavior will trigger certain negative domestic or world events that will make our divide.. less divisive… as his supporters, meaning his base and those Senate GOP holdouts, come to their own realizations that his defense of impeachment includes abhorrent behavior being a clear & present danger to the country.  Maybe it’s more investigative revelations, maybe the economy shifts because of tariffs, maybe North Korea’s Kim gets more aggressive, maybe he gets us into a fighting conflict with someone, maybe some domestic tragedy directly related to him, maybe.. pretty much anything.  Is this a wild “hail Mary” outcome to imagine?  I don’t think so.  My perception is 50/50 this possibility could manifest itself.  Far stranger things have happened in politics.  Oddly this could be a perfect outcome to the perfect storm of the 2016 electoral debacle.

This would not mean that our domestic issues that forced so many to side with Trump in 2016.. like those red states folks… will vanish.  But maybe just enough tension will be reduced that will return us more into a love-hate rather than the hate-hate political environment.  After all.. not matter what side you are on in all this… we are going to be one tired and emotionally drained nation after all this ends, one way or the other.  The opportunity and willingness for compromise will be more profound.

In the meantime… impeachment will be no cakewalk, nor any “happy” endeavor for anyone.



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