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Actually, as irony would have it, as I have written the final paragraphs of this as a draft, I am watching Carl Bernstein (of Watergate fame) on CNN surmise the current chaos as a kind of “cold” civil war.  Good label.

Recently on the few conservative blogs I allow myself to visit (and they in turn tolerate me because I don’t call them names) I have asked some posters and their followers about the idea of compromise.  I mean, after all, both sides in all this, liberals and conservatives, are pretty locked into their opinions, thus continuing the national divide.  So I am wondering if perhaps a compromise of opinion might not help to quell the national chaos.  We both inhabit this country and we have to get along.

In actual practice it’s been my experience that liberals are not as fervently exhibiting or promoting their opinions as the right wings does to promote their opinions.  It’s like the conservative right and far right feel that they’ve “finally” got a hold of some brass ring with their guy as president.  Conservatives continue to complain about seemingly vehement name calling from outspoken liberals, and no doubt that’s out there as well.. it’s not as vitriol as conservatives pushing their opinions..

Well, sadly, all of those conservatives I informally polled stated they had nothing but 100{0ab7dfbf012a810114ec5acf7807847dfa23e59660bbc397f14557f2fcacba41} support for Trump and that compromise of any kind is out of the question.  This IS a civil war.. but as Bernstein put it.. it’s a Cold Civil War.

Conservatives view it as “their”Constitution… “their” Second Amendment…  that liberals are in some total unified plot, or conspiracy, to impose their will to destroy the world (or certainly “poison” it) with garbage concepts like human rights, global warming, and that abhorrent idea of globalization to rape the middle class.   Liberals are the elites that just shun anyone “lower” on the economic and social scale and run the country their own way for power and profit.  Just turn on FOX anytime of the night or day and it’s a constant bemoaning some deep state conspiracies and traitorous and deceitful American institutions.  Of course, the rest of the media is not to be trusted because they do nothing but pick on Trump.  Now we have a growth of “anti-media” media.. whatever that suggests.

These Trumpian conservatives literally worship Trump, yet none will admit to that.  To them, whatever Trump is as a person, what he has done to create chaos, whatever he spouts in his tweets, whatever lies he tells, matters not because his agenda (what little of it he’s managed to get passed) is making their lives wonderful.  In other words, to conservatives, the end justifies the means.

The question I have now, given the near rabid opinions of Trump conservatives, when Trump is removed from office in the future (it’s heading that way), when does this Cold Civil War get “hotter”.. or even end up a passive shooting war of random nutcase shooters?


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