MARCH 16, 2020


  • Total cases: 3,487
  • Total deaths: 68
  • Jurisdictions reporting cases: 53 (49 states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, and US Virgin Islands


March 16, 2020 –

In spite of the fact that this state is approaching 1,000 cases of this thing, there’s nothing being reported in our specific area.  We’ve had the usual hording and rushes on toiler paper and other items for days now.  Two days ago when I went to the local Walmart I noticed some empty shelves in the paper products section…. and a lot of items missing from the shelves in the health section.  I typically respond well to Ny-Quil as a sleep agent in the past when I’ve been under the weather.. and I nabbed the last bottle of that stuff.  I take a fair amount of vitamins at the recommendation of the doc, and I do take the typical diabetes meds.  I get the refills through the mail from the Veterans Administration.  I have no idea if this would make a refill easier or not in the future.  But the way the medical industry has been prescribing meds in like three month supplies for the last couple decades it’s not like someone will hoard prescription drugs… and I can only hope where the VA goes for their drug supplies is some “special” stockpile.  On the other hand, as I expressed to Arlee (my GF) just the other day, if we are going into some economic apocalypse what better way to  to have carbs/sugars and fat kept from my system than starvation.  I’ll be cured!  There’s always a positive side.

Going into work today was my first start of my workweek since last Thursday (at present I work Sun thru Thurs). and since last week a lot has transpired regarding the disease progression.. and governments stumbling over the response.  I made the decision to inform staff that I would not be sitting in the lobby.. as a precaution to protect the staff from getting infected by me, as well as me not getting infected by them or the customers… parents, kids, from walks of life that tend to be on the lower echelons of economic society on normal days.  The CFS county office I work at exists simply to take kids from their abusive parents and/or their lifestyles.

Being a ham radio wonk I had loaned the office receptionist a walkie talkie given the shortsightedness in the county providing it to enhance our guard ability to do our job.  Our guard purview is lobby security and making rounds along the exterior and parking lot around the building.  So I told them that I would be locating out in the parking lot and they can call me if something happens (never does anyway).  But here’s the scary part… some of the staff has taken it upon themselves to simply work from home.. and there’s been no contact or communication from country government to provide any guidance.  In other words.. to each their own.  There’s hand wipes in the lobby… but no masks.

The reason for this facility is also to provide a location from which “recovering” abusive parents can meet with their children, supervised according to the courts, their kids being kept in foster homes.  So far.. it’s the usual routine with adults and kids coming and going… seemingly totally oblivious to anything not affecting this community… so far.  The kids are given a playroom on premises to meet with parents.  Perfect for spreading anything.   Toys provided are seldom cleaned as it is… no staff responsible for cleaning toys.

I met with a guard at the county welfare office next door.  They are in another county budget entity.. and they have had no communication.. and certainly no supplies.. and they have far more lobby traffic than I do.  Needless to say, us guards have had no communication from our own management on any policies coming out of anything the President’s virus task force has said we should do.  I told her to expect a influx of folks wanting welfare services as places close up and people lose a paycheck.  Of course, with that traffic will comes a higher risk of getting the virus.

Here’s a sobering thought… as if all that so far wasn’t enough… one of the armed supervisors came by saying that the gun stores are now out of ammunition.  Yesterday I went over to the local Harbor Freight store to buy a battery charger for the car (not anything to do with Armageddon hoarding) and some guy checking out ahead of me, dressed in military camo, was buying a machete and a hand ax.  There’s people out there getting ready to kill other people… or zombies.

So.. today it seems people are confused in what to do.. which in turn feeds the fear of the unknown and runs on things like.. toilet paper(?).  There’s no one seeming to keep a social distance, although the elbow and fist bumps are becoming a bit more commonplace.  Given all the doom and gloom filtering out from government sources… there’s still a confusing ambivalence that it’s really happening.  No one in our area is reported to have been infected so far.  It hasn’t hit home here yet.

Personally.. what’s going to make this thing bad.. really bad.. is an economic downturn, recession, and people hoarding for the zombie apocalypse.  Today the Prez finally started waking up and said this thing could last through August… maybe.  I don’t believe a word that schmuck says.. but the scientists are saying similar.  Dr. Fauci is going to be the hero of this crisis.  I agree with him.. although for purely economic concerns… medically he says this will all get worse before getting better.  I include the economics of all this will get worse as well… and likely a longer recovery period.

All there is to do so far is wait and see.  As more public places close down… thinks will get worse.  I have no idea what’s going on at the regional hospital.  In spite of everything being said on the news…. no rumors here at all about public testing.

We could all just hold our breath.. we’re doing that anyway.