MARCH 20, 2020


  • Total cases: 10,442
  • Total deaths: 150
  • Jurisdictions reporting cases: 54 (50 states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, and US Virgin Islands)
Travel-related 290
Close contact 310
Under investigation 9,842
Total cases 10,442


March 20, 2020 – 

AM –

Just arrived at work on what is usually my day off.  One of the guards is still out.  No one knows why at this point.  Cranking overtime… in a crisis.

Early last night Gov. Newsome of California just ratcheted up the economic situation by declaring the entire state in a “forced” self-quarantine… stay at home.  Earlier in the day he reported that by the numbers half of the CA population.. something like 26 million.. will be affected inside the next 8 weeks.  Apparently he’s trying to avoid or slow that down.  It’s not mandatory or enforceable by law.. and people can still go out for food and meds.  A couple hours later I got an email from the security company V.P. that included some “official” letter that declares us as “essential services”, which we can use in the event anyone questions our being out and about doing our jobs.  Although our uniform rather implies that.  Maybe we are supposed to present that letter in the event roving bands of post-apocalyptic vigilantes begin wandering around looting.  Who knows.  More or less our keep-from-getting-stoned-to-death letter.  Although I suspect it doesn’t ward off the virus much.

Our county facility is now closed to all walk-in customers.  No one gets into the lobby.  I have a key to the door in the event I am needed inside.. although with no public allowed there should be no need.  Much of the staff has decided to work from home.. the others that show up… maybe off and on throughout the day to drop off paperwork or other such whistle-stop activities.

Me and the other guards on the other shifts have adapted to include us not going into the building for any reason, although one of my walkie talkies are in there for us to communicate with whomever is in there.  Each of us will be deciding on our own the limitations in responding.  Quite obviously, the social and economic impact is beginning to blur traditional lines of authority.  We are showing up for a paycheck for sitting in our vehicles in the parking lot.. and looking important.  No one is going to complain about us not doing our jobs in this climate.  Our key to enter the  building was primarily for lobby access after-hours to use the rest room.  I am going home to do that now… and if anyone objects.. well, it’s like.. so what, at this point.

I topped of my gas tank coming to work.  Just me and another guy at the pump at 4:30am.  I highly suspect there will be a rush for that later in the day.  People confined to home are just sitting and worrying about the end of days.. so there will be a run at the pumps I suspect.

Just took a gander at my bills… gas and electric companies not doing shutoffs due to non-payment, until further notice.  Would love damn Spectrum to do the same.. but I’ve paid their overpriced asses for another month of cable and internet.  I am guessing with everyone home that internet usage will bottleneck somewhere.  I heard that video streaming in Europe has been throttled a bit in order to work everywhere else.  If the internet goes down.. or even slows down… it will drive the world further bonkers.

The news is reporting breaking of records on the millions applying for unemployment money.

My 8 hours ends at 1pm this afternoon.

The sun is coming up.  Interesting how that seems to mean something a little more these days.

I’ll post this early today.