MARCH 23, 2020


  • Total cases: 33,404
  • Total deaths: 400
  • Jurisdictions reporting cases: 54 (50 states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, and US Virgin Islands)
Travel-related 449
Close contact 539
Under investigation 32,416
Total cases 33,404


March 23, 2020 – AM – Day 4 since my last encounter with groups of other people at the grocery store.  Feeling fine, as is Arlee.

Managed to get through my days off work and stay at home.  At work I’m not even venturing into the office to use the rest room anymore during hours when other are present, be they county staff or customers.  I will just drive home for the 15 minute round trip it takes to return to post.  No one is formally telling anyone what to do.  I am announcing over the radio to the folks inside the office of any delivery vendors and visitors seeking access to the inside.  If I get approval I then have the key to let them inside.  I do not follow them in or provide any sort of escort.

At the end of each shift I’ve cut down on all the items us guards pass on to each other in the way of clipboards and documentation.  Each guard now carries their own  We just pass on between us a walkie talkie and the card key and entry lock key on a lanyard.  I advise them to wipe it all down each time.. as I do when they give it to me.  We do this transfer from open car windows… then use wet wipes immediately.

Ostensibly if there were an urgent security response needed on the inside of the building, i.e, an unruly customer, we are there to enter and respond accordingly… but I suppose it will be up to each individual guard to determine how to respond to that.  Fortunately, it has always been manageable simply by our presence in the lobby.  But as time goes on I fully expect tempers to rise at some point.  One day at a time is the rule.  Encounters outside the building are easier to stand a distance or use pepper spray.. then call 911.  But… never even had to do that in my four years here.  All in all, I feel pretty confident I’m not bringing anything home to Arlee… and she hasn’t had any reason to leave the house.  But who knows.

On top of this.. it’s allergy season again!  I already feel the imminent sneezing, which is the sign of nasal things to come.  But there’s never a fever or sore throat associated with my allergies so I am sure I will be able to spot the difference in the event I get the virus down the line.  Who knows.. maybe the constant watery eyes and runny nose will help to flush any virus trying to enter there.

Speaking of the “plus” things about all this… it seems the remaining drive-in movie theaters have picked up some business.  Might be a bit nostalgic to see those comes back… for first run features.  Our current technology would not require those bulky window speakers or heaters.  Bring your own snacks or turn the concession stand into a drive up/walk-up.

Might be interesting to read what others have discovered to be a plus side of all this.