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The Fight With Trump May Turn Out Being An Easier Win Than Conquering Our Own Apathy 

If you are reading this you already know my blog is just my own personal soapbox (more of an echo chamber given I’ve not a lot of followers), and a bit of therapy, to present my anti-Trump views.  I center around the man himself and his gross behavioral deficiencies, job incompetence, and inability to respect the position of President and what it entails.  I’m not in favor of his agenda at all in the way he presents it and tries to force-feed America into accepting it, but that’s the stuff of compromise for the halls of Congress which is good for the country, and I am ok with that.  But the man has got to go.

I’ve said before in here and other venues that once things start to change and get rougher for Trump, like the GOP losing the House or possible negative Trump results of the Mueller investigation, I do not view this one bit as a hats-and-horns celebration by any stretch.  Trying to remove Trump from office, if not from impeachment then losing the 2020 election (Trump will NEVER resign, ala Nixon), does nothing toward unifying the country and as an American that’s the most important goal to me..albeit obviously down the line.  We have to first collectively run the gauntlet of both a political battle in Congress and the courts, and very likely some very dicey public displays of civil disobedience, personal physical attacks, and more polarizing social rhetoric from both sides.  On top of all this, include the “normal” national and international events that occur in any given year to add a taint to it all.  In other words.. the Dems took the House and the inevitable investigations and subpoenas will just be the first shot in this “war”.


One Piece Of Good News

There is one truly bit of good going on that will tend to keep a lid on some of this pressure buildup.  The economy is going great and while some class levels haven’t seen raises in pay or some other trickle-down spoils to share in the economic good news, the point is… the economy is stable, and unemployment is at the lowest levels in decades.  People are feeling good retaining some level of a status quo.  If the economy was in a huge slump, that in itself would just add to the overall social and political discontent and feed the flames of our divisiveness to a level we experienced in the 1960’s.  But thankfully, we are not at that point.  This will help us through the “Trump experience”.  BUT… if “we” are not careful the economy can change pretty quickly (a not-so-subtle reference to Trump’s trade fiascoes).

Again… this “Trump War” has been declared by both sides and it will not end soon even if the expected Mueller report  lights up some Trumpian irregularities to add to the growing pile of Trump evidence for impeachment.  Very likely this battle will go all the way to 2020 and Trump will simply fade away to the voters naturally.


In The Meantime…………………..

—Our national divisiveness will continue.. the heated rhetoric will continue.  Our dear President will continue to feed this nonsense, unabated.

—Our dear President will continue to bang away at the credibility of our institutions, tossing into the mix accusations of left-wing political conspiracies.  The FBI, the DOJ, the Mueller investigation, etc. will continue to be run by Trump’s “enemies”… and his base will continue to believe him.

—Trump will, of course, continue to play to his base rather than being a President for all Americans.

—Trump will continue to blame those “mysterious” illegal foreigners that are alleged to enter the country illegally for all the nation’s ills.

—Trump will continue to vilify the free press as an “enemy of the people”.

—Random shooting massacres will continue.  We will continue to wonder why mental cases seem to be able to get guns.  We will continue to avoid addressing a need for a national mental health policy.

—Random acts of terrorism will continue.  As CNN’s Don Lemon recently illustrated, we will continue to wonder why most acts of domestic terrorism are done by angry right-wing white males, radicalized here in the States.  And of course, continue to wonder why there’s no mental health policy.. and wonder how mental cases are getting guns.

—As a nation we will continue to grow increasingly numb and apathetic from media reporting of all the incidents of random violence.

—Trump will continue to befuddle the office of the Presidency in all respects, treat the Constitution as an incidental piece of paper, and morally abuse the nation.

(Likely you could add to this list.)


A Note On The “Constitutional Crisis” To Come

There will likely be a future of this being mentioned until Trump is gone.  I’d prefer to think of it this way… our Constitution is a guide for getting ourselves out of a crisis.  Our current crisis is a “Presidential Crisis”… and to solve it we just need to use the Constitution.


A Welcome Election Result

It seems our children have woken up.  The Millennials, the Gen X’ers, Gen Z’ers.. whatever other moniker you wish to include, seems to have taken up the challenge to get involved, not only in using their vote but also running for office.  Honestly, all this political harangue has been fomented by us Baby Boomers; old people.  Trump himself is over 70 years old.  Every heavyweight experienced politician in Congress is a senior citizen.  Most of the implied presidential candidates are seniors!  Us Boomers need to go.  We are clinging too much on the “old days”.. the white entitlement days.

Sorry.. Pelosi has done a wonderful job in the past as Speaker of the House but time for her to go as well.  Just watching her speak is a struggle for me to witness (jeez already.. she’s 78!).  Ryan was a good age, but worthless when he turned into a Trump surrogate.  I don’t deny that older folks can still contribute.. but the world has changed so much that we need some younger perspectives and representation from people who didn’t have to adapt to change but were born into it.

I’d vote for Biden for Prez in a heartbeat… a decade ago.  If he runs in 2020 we best consider we will also be voting for his Vice Presidential running mate to be president.


And Finally, The Shooting…..

The PTSD vet who did this shooting, Ian Long, apparently left this post on social media before his act.

Yeah.. he’s right.  No one cares.


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