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Trump has a broad-minded interpretation of women.  -Me

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Insanity is relative… and sometimes includes your relatives.

No question.  It seems our politics.. even international politics around the world, is a bit insane.  It’s not all about Trump nor did Trump himself foment and foster the divisiveness, even around the world.  But given his propensity to blunder wildly and convey a measure of maverick incontinuity and ignorance of the world around him, and dance through the political sphere like the proverbial bull in the china shop, he’s (very willingly, apparently) ended up being the figurehead of nationalism-run-amok.  Every single weekday, and sometimes the weekends, there’s political trauma and drama in the land that qualifies for the latest “breaking news”.  I often jest with my significant other when she goes off to put another load into the washing machine, or when she might dash to the bathroom, she better not be away too long because the news cycle changes by the minute and the world that she once knew when she left the room will vanish further into the political abyss after spin dry.  “Well,” she will say, “do I continue to sit in here with you and wave goodbye to what was, and just let the dirty clothes pile up?”.

You would be right if you speculated that my “fear” is in leaving the vicinity of the TV and missing a “breaking news” story that further picks up my blood pressure (and subsequent rage), that in the end I have absolutely no control over.  While I have no control over news events I certainly DO have control over how much time I spend watching for them and allowing myself to get worked up.  I don’t need a reason like gun ownership, singing the National Anthem, or waving the flag to be patriotic.  I display my patriotism by defying all things Trump.  Humans are surely complex creatures.

Yesterday we were treated to a political version of an episode of TV’s “Three’s Company”.. the Trump-Schumer-Pelosi Show.  Seems Pelosi publicly said before the scheduled meeting about the nation’s infrastructure that Trump was involved in cover-ups.  So by meeting time Trump was ticked.   When he entered the meeting and said to them both (without any cordial handshake) that there would be no discussions on the nation’s infrastructure rebuild plan until all the investigations against him (some 20+) are called off.  As usual the media is all a buzz.

  • Trump is (trying) to hold the American people hostage on legislation because of personal issues. No question.
  • Trump faked the entire sequence of events to force Pelosi and the House to start the impeachment process (to presume he will look better to voters in being a “victim”).  Possibly.. but he’s way too impulsive and impatient to devise strategic plans.  He was pissed.  But that’s not to say he’s not been advised to encourage impeachment.
  • Pelosi set Trump up with the pre-meeting comment about Trump being involved in cover-ups knowing he would get pissed.  Oh yes.. very plausible.  I firmly believe she’s consulted psych people on how to deal with Trump, and she’s tweaking him to apply pressure.
  • Why is Pelosi stating the President is involved in cover-ups yet holding off on the impeachment process?  Fair question considering the importance of what she is saying.  BUT.. she’s got a plan.  As of today she’s called on Trump family members to intervene given his suspected behavioral issues.  She’s applying pressure.

..and on, and on, and on.  In the meantime… Trump is exercising his right to actually BE a world event himself.  His bromance with Kim.. Putin… and assorted authoritarians/dictators is nothing short of a love story… on himself.  Trump is being played all around.  If not by Pelosi and Schumer domestically then most certainly his “world leaders club” on the international stage.  There’s Syria.. Afghanistan… the miscarriage continues in Iraq… the breech delivery in Iran is starting (and who knows what the baby will look like after THAT delivery!)… our role as mid-wife in Yemen… we can’t seem to expel the after-birth the Russians generated in hacking our election process.  And what is the big thing in America beside the latest in Trump impeachment news?  State legislatures dominated by the GOP are fearing their demise at the polls… and want to take last minute “hail Mary” advantage of the Conservative SCOTUS while they can… and are passing totally ridiculous, and currently illegal and easily challenged, abortion laws in the hopes SCOTUS will reverse Roe v. Wade.

We are reminded of the border immigration crisis only when a little immigrant child dies in American care (and even then, there’s likely more than we know about).

Everything political is so damned appalling that just when you think you’ve reached the bottom of being appalled.. there’s more appalled to be had.  My “bottom” (this week) was knowing that Trump is turning our national Fourth of July celebration into a Trump political rally.  Damn him.  Really.  Like Linda Blair’s head spinning did in “The Exorcist”.

Tomorrow I see the VA doctor for a routine checkup.  I also get to see Trump’s photo on the wall in the waiting room… gazing down at the mass of aging vets from various wars.. all heroes in their own right (not me).  Trump’s photo doesn’t belong in that room if for no other reason than he dodged military service when his nation called.  While I have no interest in seeing the real Trump (if there even is such a thing) harmed.. I do imagine all kinds of things I could do with that photo.



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