YAWN… (You mean, all he needs is some rubber stamp to declassify a document and not even provide his initials???)

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Yep.. I’m a news junkie and an armchair (with remote) big screen TV political wanker, but even I am getting tired of all the garbage in the news; constant turmoil, chaos, and just plain putting up with the worst U.S. president in modern history; watching daily as our national prestige, influence, and leadership in the world is being flushed down that golden toilet… and watching the European Union, Russia, and especially China, picking up the economic leadership ball on our fumble and heading to the end zone.  Oddly, I tend to appreciate the weekends when our Dear Leader yet again goes to Mar-a-Lago to play more golf than his predecessor ever did, and the irritating tweets (generally) grow silent.

Trump’s base wants the old 1940’s and 1950’s white America back… I want an end to the chaos of incompetence and a return to experienced… elitism, that wasn’t always a perfect representation of some segments of our society but there was a level of organization and tradition and pride that represented some majority.  Most certainly, what’s being represented in the White House is NOT a national majority.  The clown in the White House wants to protect America by spending more on the military and putting up border walls… when in fact, he has NO concept that the battlefield is cyberspace and he needs to beef up our cyber defenses and offensive ability… and that Russia is NOT our buddy… and North Korea is not some military threat.

Returning to the topic (which we have yet to even begin because of my tangents)… there comes a time in all this noise and political dysfunction when you simply cannot know every detail of every trauma and drama coming out of D.C.  Some of it is just plain convoluted controversy fed by Trump blurting out some tweet that has no substance but his base doesn’t care as long as it all leads to accusations of liberal conspiracies.

Anyway.. on some of these issues I am being forced to just try and use some common sense in translating what I see and hear into personal working opinion… until someone or some investigation proves otherwise.  I have no time to devote to details of each issue nor do most Americans.  I accept the relatively objective NEWS reporting from CNN and the three networks.  I can generally form my own opinions from that alone.. but I use the talking heads segments, especially if those segments have opposing opinions, to provide occasional depth to my opinion.  I have to believe in a NEWS source because I refuse to piss and moan about “the media” in it’s entirety is  somehow out to influence  my thinking as if I was some lemming marching over the cliff with the rest of the lemmings… then switch channels over to FOX.  Gawd almighty… the Trump worship on that network is amazing, if not appalling.  The truly sad part is that fellow Americans are into that stuff as if it were a recreational drug.  But.. it’s free speech and part of who we are as Americans.


The Memo.. and Future Memos –

  • Honestly, it seems the real issue here with the GOP memo just released is that there’s accusations about an improper FISA warrant legal process motivated by some DOJ/FBI conspiracy, deep state society, whatever… against Trump. So what?  Congress can initiate an investigation and clear all this up.
  • The likely soon-to-be-released Dem memo? Well, add it to the above.. and investigate away.
  • Will Trump fire people as a result of the “revealing” contents of this memo? Well, duh.. that’s pretty inevitable because of his behavioral dysfunctions and inability to cope.  He will do what Nixon did.  I’m just waiting for it all to come tumbling down like it did in 1973.
  • Does this particular memo threaten the confidence and credibility of the Mueller investigation? To Trump’s base, of course.  Trump will likely fire Mueller down the line anyway, so having the idea that Mueller and his staff are in some conspiracy against Trump makes for a good reason… again, for his base because no one else will buy it… and it’s this “no one else” bunch that makes the difference in Trump’s future.
  • I frankly don’t care about all the details and timelines that might be suggested in that memo or even the Dem’s memo, if that surfaces. An overview is good for me… but I assume the political parties will hash this out in some investigation… right?  Or is this all just a public opinion smear campaign, from either side?  Personally I am of the opinion that any controversy regarding Trump, good or bad, is no good for him right about now.  People are getting weary of him.
  • On another note… where the hell are the Congressional Republicans that generally found offense with trump? McCain has reported in with his opinion… but he’s likely not going to be in the next election.  Flake reported in but he’s already on his way out.  Where’s Lindsey Graham, generally a variable voice of reason, in all this?  At least Ryan made a little sense in his comments… deferring to some future investigation and seemingly being impartial, but I am sure deep inside he is enjoying this controversy.


FISA –  (A very good explanation of the FISA law HERE.)

  • Part of the above memo thing is an accusation that the FISA process itself may be “improper”; those investigating failed to present all the facts to the court, and the court just “rubber stamped” the warrants. Actually, a huge majority of requests do indeed get approved by the secret court.  . do I think there’s some deep state conspiracy thing inside the process?  Hell no.  Way too many people to influence, besides the fact that the justices serving are rotated each week.  BUT… if there is currently no Congressional oversight committee maybe there should be.  If there is some form of oversight… well, where is it and is it doing the job?  Nothing wrong in assessing FISA activity as a matter of performance routine.  Any oversight should include strict adherence to “no Americans” unless as it overlaps into a foreign investigation.
  • Since this law was from the 1970’s there was no real controversy until Snowden’s spilling the beans in the 2000’s, when the government requested electronic data from the cell phone companies. I would tend to agree that the emergence of new technology (cell, internet, emails, etc.) since the 1970’s might require further review to set limits or change the legal language of the law itself.


Deep State, Secret Societies, Secret Handshakes, Secret Symbols On Money –

  • If you wanna believe in that stuff, more (secret) power to you. Makes for good movie plots.  Here’s what I think (not that it matters)… with any secret covert organization the rule of thumb is that it’s… secret.  The more members you have the less likely you can keep things secret.  There also has to be some incentive… motivation.. to make that effort.  Take FISA itself… up until Snowden, that area was very secret for decades… most of the public never knew it even existed.  They have a secret building, secret chambers, court rooms, anti-eavesdropping technology, all that cool stuff.  How did they keep it secret?  I am guessing it was because it was the law, the participants were all knowledgeable in the law, and simple patriotism and understanding that the process has been successful and faithful to its original concept.  Keep in mind, though, FISA is not a truly secret organization per se.  It’s business is conducted in strict secrecy by design but its existence is a matter of public law.  But it has no large public awareness because there’s been no controversy in issuing warrants, until now.  It’s similar to the idea of TV or movie cop shows that depict the cops having to find some all-night judge to get a warrant to enter a building at 3am.  Oddly, no one seems to question that process to enter your home, and that’s only one judge… and no one ever questions his/her objectivity to protect your freedom.
  • If there were some secret organization running things, or trying to, well, just think of how secure Washington, D.C. is; leaks everywhere. No way could a secret organization exist privately for very long.


Sooo.. this “explosive” memo, with all its accusations, is not a big deal to me.  Things will fall into place as time goes on… Congress will or will not launch an investigation… and Trump will continue to fire people that don’t make him feel good or get too close to exposing his obstructions to the Mueller investigation, or gets too close to having to share his tax return.  Trump’s base loves all this, the rest of the country is tired and just wants Trump.. and the GOP in Congress, to be gone.  Trust me, I know what I am talking about.  After all, I predicted Trump would lose the election.  Damn I’m good.


Dump Trump