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Unfortunate, but it makes you wonder…

Flynn resigns.  Maybe this fellow wasn’t the best choice choice but the greater question is, what the HELL  is going on in the White House?

Maybe we can have a sense of that answer… it’s the Big Guy in charge.  Ultimately the buck ends with Trump.. even though he would never admit to that.  This is the first casualty of Trump’s ineptitude.  His bromance with Putin and Russia could end up being his “Watergate”, although it’s early yet to presume that.  But having witnessed these things in years past in various administrations this is how it starts… some seemingly innocuous event rises to the surface.

The worrisome issue is that Russia is involved, and has been as far back as the alleged hacking. On top of the hacking is that Russian involvement has forced a high ranking administration official to resign.  Inadvertently Russia IS affecting our country.  There’s stories of Russian blackmail possibilities against Flynn besides the charge of Flynn lying to Pence, the VP, about Flynn’s phone calls to the Russian ambassador.. and one can only guess who told Flynn to connect to the Russians to begin with.. and one wonders how far this will go.. and it’s all about the Russians having a role.  What happens should this reach a point of Trump being forced out over all this.. and the Russians will have had a role in displacing a U.S. president.

Given when presidents mess up there’s usually a circling of the wagons and someone else takes the fall, might also be interesting to see if all the talk of the Russian possibility to blackmail Flynn is not really the way to insulate Trump’s involvement.

Well, Trump being forced out is likely a good thing right about now rather than letting him make things worse.  but the Russians having a role in it surely makes one pause about our vulnerability due to executive stupidity.

One can only hope Congress is wondering what their next step should be.