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Never a dull moment in America these days.  So..  Rocketman Kim Jung Un has opened up the opportunity to begin some level of talks with his letter presented to Trump by representatives of South Korea.  In it he has stated that he will cease testing of his (alleged) nuke missiles, acknowledge the scheduled military maneuvers in the South without objection, all to show his desire to meet with Trump.  Trump, in turn, has agreed to meet with Kim by May this year.  As is sometimes mumbled in private these days… “Jesus f***ing Christ!”.  There’s just so many levels to all of this.

Now, I know that to Trump supporters.. his base… this is an amazing display of Trump’s leadership; celebrating their guy’s impulsive demonstration to the world of his business prowess and genius in world affairs… and justifying to the world (and all the “libtards”) that Trump is great and we are all on the road toward making America great again.  Yeah.. well… I encourage all his supporters to continue to celebrate his genius and leave the real world to the adults in the room.

Oh dear.. there I go bashing Trump again… and giving him no credit.  Ok.. let’s start with the credit I will give him.

  1. All the current events unfolding with North Korea and meeting up with Little Kim has indeed happened on his watch.
  2. At least on the surface it looks as if all Trump’s sanctions have gotten Kim to blink… and come to the negotiating table.

Hail to the Chief.

Now for the reality.  One thing is for sure… Kim has just gotten his first recognition in meeting a world leader as an equal.  He’s been trying since he’s come to power to get America.. and the world.. to give him the respect he feels he’s due as a world leader.  In fact… this is the first time he is meeting with ANY foreign head of state… other than South Korea, which really doesn’t count anyhow since it’s all one Korea in theory anyway.

So.. simply by giving Kim an audience, Trump has already played into his hand.  It also makes Kim appear to be sincere about negotiating.  Which means right at the get-go Trump is surly going to demand Kim dump the nukes before any sanctions are lifted. .. thus making America appear the bad guy by being uncompromising.  After all, the U.S. has a history of toppling leaders after they stop nuke building.  Kim wants security assurances in having those nukes… which, to the world, will look reasonable.

But lets get right to the point here.  Trump and his administration are not ready for diplomatic negotiations of any kind.  There’s absolutely no one able to negotiate properly given the many unfilled State Department vacancies and people leaving.  No ambassador to the South.  There is absolutely no foreign policy to build upon that represents American interests… other than “no nukes on the Korean Peninsula” nonsense, just to make people in Guam and Hawaii sleep at night.  Where’s the foreign policy (or strategy) that carries some solutions for a future Korean unification.. or establishing some trade and maybe formal diplomatic recognition with the North?  Those nukes are not going anywhere… and in the end we will just go down that familiar road of sending in verification teams until such time Kim kicks them out.  Negotiating with the North on any “good” day will be a huge project and painfully slow.  There is NO way that Trump will wrap up the North Korean threat in a single handshake photo op.

Without a doubt Trump is seeing this meeting as a great photo op and TV show production to make him appear as The Great Negotiator that brought North Korea to its knees.  Kim has already won the first round of negotiation by being acknowledged by a U.S. president as being a legit leader on the world stage.

In typical Trump idiocy, he agreed to the meet without telling anyone in the administration, the White House, the Pentagon, State; this is nothing but Trump’s ego and arrogance at play at the expense of our national security and needs of the country.

Just add this to the growing list of infuriating actions by this president.   Hurry up. Mueller… this putz President is taking his show international.


PS – Why the hell is a representative of South Korea announcing to the American people, in front of the White House, the President’s intentions???  WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN THE DAMN WHITE HOUSE!?


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