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The silence is getting louder…

The normally rambunctious political blogs, my own included (although it’s debatable to describe mine as being “rambunctious”), seemed to have become less vehement and/or less posts being made at all in recent months.  “Why is that?”, he asked.  One can only guess but I have a very learned guess… or guesses.

I will venture to suggest it’s a number of collective reasons all centering around impending events.  One is the upcoming election (2020) and the Dems all lining up to create a gang.. let’s be trendy and call it a human wall, to keep Trump out of a second term.  The media, the integral component to present or create events to the world, is very willing to get consumed with debates, interviews, and documentary reporting regarding all the candidates since most are pretty much unknown to most of the public.  The anti-Trumpers are preparing to do battle and this creates a measure of hope as the Liberals are girding their loins for that battle.  From that field of candidates one will be selected to run against Trump.. and that’s when the Conservative spark will ignite to politically pummel whomever it is.  The political blog world will come to life again.

Then you have Trump’s emergency declaration that isn’t.  It’s in the hands of the courts/SCOTUS so we are in some sort of “wall” limbo for the moment.  We can marinate on Trump’s nonsense rhetoric of impending caravan invasions on the march in the meantime.  The blogs have said all that needs to be said being pro or con on immigration and wall building.  No one in blog world is winning the hearts and minds of the other by this time… the southern border being more of a very obvious humanitarian crisis than a crisis easily solved by walls and fences.  But now it’s up to the courts and we are waiting.

On any normal day the more “vocal” Conservative blogs completely ignore whatever current news cycle is in motion in response to the latest Trump buffoonery, preferring to keep tossing into the wind Hillary’s emails, Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation, Russian uranium deals… as if all this were relevant to the current President and his administration.   They bring up variants of anti-abortion when abortion, right-to-life, pro-choice… isn’t even on some news docket, not because it’s not an important issue, but because the news cycle is filled with the nonsense Trump does each day.  But there’s not a lot of posts like this lately either.

But likely the greatest element that is placing many posts on hold… the many on-going investigations on Trump and his world.  The Mueller investigation, from all reports thus far, is concluding “shortly”.  The myriad of federal investigations and Congressional investigations are plodding along… the Cohen testimonies implicating Trump in all kinds of “less than honorable” activities… the huge numbers of indictments and sentencing already completed on many “culprits” in Trump’s inner circle… all this is influencing the frequency of posts on Conservative blogs.  It’s not that they don’t have anything to say to support Trump, but their reasons for supporting Trump are seemingly not as important as the juggernaut of charges heading his way.. threatening impeachment or certainly loosing in 2020.  It adds to the “let’s wait and see”.

There was a bit of a Conservative posting spark over the recent MAGA hat student controversy and declaring the wearers of the hat as victims of Liberal  persecution and Liberals wanting to stifle free speech.  But even that has drifted off when it was drowned out by other more important news events… and the fact that no one was “listening” anyway.

You will also note in the political blog environment that there’s less discussion of specific issues.. like globalism, trade, even specific immigration policy is not discussed, although the wall is still a point of dispute.  There’s little or no discussion of U.S foreign policy.. largely because there isn’t any.  No one is discussing North Korea or even any effect of Trump & Kim’s bromance.. and recent failure to reach a nuclear agreement.

Then there’s now the DNC and political powerbrokers declaring FOX news as being a propaganda arm of the Trump administration.. from which FOX personalities are often communicating with Trump to counsel on policy (and the very apparent willingness of Trump to accept such counsel and apply it), and the Administration uses FOX as a source of recruitment for important administration positions.  There’s also a spreading moral impetus that FOX is doing toward their wide ranging audience (of CNN/network news haters) a disservice by only presenting “non-news” about Trump to the point that their viewers are going to actually wonder the reasons Trump might get impeached or even not get re-elected given those alternatives FOX seldom explored.  The fostering of deep state conspiracy theories and encouraging Trumpian doubt on traditional American institutions that protect our country just adds to this one-sided expression of selling fear.  This kind of changing perspective could be adding to the current reduction in Conservative blog posts.

In my case, since my blog theme has been more about Trump’s overall behavioral and experiential incompetence that was revealed as candidate Trump, I have posted less simply because it seems real life is catching up to my own message; the sheer numbers of investigations and on-going political bumbling from day to day is revealing to many Trump’s corrupt performance as a businessman as well as “politician”.  I suppose you can say, there’s less of a need now to jump up and down screaming that Trump should not be President because events are unfolding to prove it.  I was calling for impeachment the day after he was sworn into office… when no one dared such an utterance.  Now that word is part of our everyday discussions.  Oh for sure my blog has done absolutely nothing in blog world toward shifting points of view.. it’s hardly read by anyone, although I appreciate those that have hung on this long.  But I am satisfied that the current movement on investigating and assaulting Trump’s methods and performance is finally prominent in the news.

I’ve been making sure in here that “we”.. political bloggers… not get too comforted with whether we fall in some pro or anti Trump complacency because what we are going to see in the coming year.. the next few months, will likely be nothing less than enraged political turmoil as investigations are revealed, TV testimonies, Trump’s continuing incompetence causing daily events… it’s all going to get worse… and it will likely turn violent on certain local levels with nutcase shooters and bombers, “stuff” in the mail.  Add to this the international events, effects from Brexit, Syria, Venezuela, North Korea, etc.  Perhaps one major fear I have is Trump’s unpredictability when he starts to perceive he and his family is being cornered (wild pardons for one).  Part of this could be enhanced should the economy begin the expected downturn.  I hope I am wrong… I truly want to be wrong.



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