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In 2016 democracy won yet again, but America lost.

There are many, many, many grueling things wrong with Trump but among the top ten is the idea that this incompetent buffoon thinks he’s some military strategist and recognizes even the slightest on how to use or not use the military.  This was obviously illustrated by today’s resignation of Secretary of Defense James Mattis, a former Four Star Marine General, in a two-page letter outlining his dispute with Trump’s policies and alliances toward our allies.  The last straw for Mattis seems to have been Trump’s spontaneous and arbitrary decision to begin an immediate withdrawal from Syria, and looks like about half from Afghanistan… and maybe other places.

What has made Mattis’ resignation all the more of singular importance is because of the man himself.  He’s an impeccable, respected military commander… devoted and committed to serving the country and has a stellar record of achievement.  Given the myriad of Trump’s cabinet appointments from the ranks of corporate America who have equally no experience in any governmental position to the point of ending up under investigation themselves, Mattis was considered one of the proverbial “adults in the room” to lend some measure of stability to the Trumpian chaos.  His departure.. more to the point, the reasons for his departure…  should not, and will not, be taken lightly.  At no time in any sort of recent history has someone of Mattis’ position resigned under such protestations in any administration.

As if things could get any more scarier… Trump made the decision(s) to leave Syria, reduce Afghanistan by half, et al, without consulting with our partner allies, without consulting with Congress (not required but certainly helpful to get them politically on board), not consulting with the intel agencies, and surprisingly… not even consulting with the Pentagon.. the guys who run the military and actually know military strategy.  Our inept President.. who avoided the Vietnam era  draft allegedly due to “bone spurs”, who has NO concept of service to the nation and holding onto an obligation greater than self, who was “silver spooned” his entire life, no  battlefield experience, he hasn’t even had to salute someone of greater rank out of respect.  It’s bad enough the office this clown holds requires him to award medals of sacrifice to soldiers who displayed bravery in the line of fire, when he is not even of any worth to breath the same air or occupy the same room with them.  But the gross misrepresentation is his assuming the responsibility of his office as military commander-in-chief.

So.. for as unqualified this guy is to not only have no military experience, and absolutely no concept of his own shortcomings to ask for advice from the most knowledgeable people available to any world leader, takes it upon himself to make an arbitrary decision that significantly impacts not only our national security, but the security of our allies, the indigenous peoples in the places our military has been located that need our help, disregarding years of foreign policy,  pissing on the memory of those who fought and gave their lives at those locations, and the wounded.. the list of ramifications and impact on American esteem and trust world-wide can go on.

In an earlier post I commented about former FBI-guy Comey saying publically about a week or so back that we should really not forge ahead with impeachment and rather wait until 2020 when we can simply vote him out of office.  I’ve echoed a reluctance to impeach as well about a year back.  Comey’s concern, and mine, was the fact that his base contains some truly volatile people who would interpret a successful impeachment as a soft coup or some other conspiracy and get violent.   But the problem remains… Trump is such an unknown, spontaneous, and impulsively driven person that each week there’s a new crisis of chaos… and honestly, we may not last 2 more years unless this guy is reigned in.  This Syria and Afghanistan… thing… is a perfect example that his actions or decision-making cannot be trusted.

You’d think Trump, as President, would have been to engage with the press to tell the world why Mattis and Syria and Afghanistan were good for America.  Instead he sends out Stephen Miller.. icon to Trumpian stupidity… to palaver nonsense to the press.  Then the President Tweets himself singing the Green Acres theme.  A perfect use of “WTF?”

He needs to go, and with each bungling the cries will go louder for the 25th Amendment.


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