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Making America great again??

Given his testimony was the big TV viewing event of the season there will be a lot of folks like myself (and unlike myself) who are going to present an opinion… and we all know opinions are a dime a dozen (assuming anyone wants to pay that much).

With this blog my “thing” has always been about Trump’s inability and inexperience… and lifelong inflexibility in adapting positively to social relationships… and just plain lack of mental prowess to serve as president.  So, while pundits and bloggers and prognosticators everywhere are positioning opinions to run the gamut of pro-Trump/anti-Comey or anti-Trump/pro-Comey, I am contending the focus is all wrong here.  Comey’s testimony is NOT about Comey one bit… and it’s not about Comey dissing Trump.

 So.. let me try and explain MY observations.

Observation #1:  Some are saying Comey is lying because of sour grapes for having been fired or some other personal agenda; he should be discredited.

At the end of day.. if you include all the characters telling their respective stories… whether it’s Comey, Sessions, Trump, Lynch, whomever… Comey was the only one under oath.  If he’s found out to be lying later, he goes to jail.  That’s a lot to lose if you ask me.   On the other hand, Trump has been known to lie.. or spread “untruths”, if you prefer the softer term, to the press, to the American people, to our allies.  Comey comes with credentials of high honesty and integrity.  Trump does not.   I will believe Comey’s testimony as being accurate from his vantage point.  No brainer there.


Observation #2:  The argument that Comey has violated some document confidentiality in releasing everything to the press, and is a damn leaker.

Two parts here.

The first, the President did not exercise executive privilege hence Comey’s “notes & recollections” are not  subject to this scrutiny, are his property, and he is now a civilian.

The second, who cares?  This isn’t about Comey.


Observation #2:   Based on Trump’s response to Comey’s testimony, the President is out of touch with a bit of reality.

Trump and friends were said to be breaking out the cigars to celebrate Comey’s “admission” that he did indeed tell the President that the President was not under investigation at the time.  I have NO idea the importance of that.. given that was back then.. and what’s important is what is now… and that is, Trump and company are indeed being scrutinized under the current investigation.  Another “who cares”.


Observation #3:  Comey should have told the President at the dinner meeting that he was unable to make the loyalty pledge?

It’s a judgment call.  Who cares.


Observation #4:  Is Comey himself walking away better or worse in the eyes of the public?

Who cares.  Also, I firmly believe Comey doesn’t care that much either.


Observation #5:  And what about the other players in the testimony?

All this peripheral talk about Sessions doing one thing or another, Lynch doing one thing or another, anyone else mentioned as having been somehow a subject inside Comey’s testimony….  who cares.


Observation #6:  Does all this prove Trump’s obstruction of the Russian hacking/Flynn investigation?

You know, that’s important from the standpoint that if someone is doing something illegal they should pay for their crime… be it Flynn, Trump, whomever.  People wanting to see Trump having a reason to fall from office would enjoy this… but still… there’s a much higher focus here.

This is the meat of the issue… the Russian hacking.

The Comey testimony has resulted in a beehive of political posturing across the board when the real issue, stated by Comey himself, is the Russian hacking of our election.  A foreign power has attempted to influence our election process.  As of now, no effort is being made to avoid this from happening again in the next election.. and certainly no condemnation or political response toward Russia.

Trump is in his Wonderland thinking that all this Russian election hacking is simply his “enemies” trying to invalidate his election win.  In fact, if you talk to your average Conservative Trumpster they are still living in the world believing that liberals want to invalidate or disqualify Trump’s win.  He’s president.. live with it (hell, us anti-Trumpsters have to).  The problem is the man himself is a gross incompetent.

Attached to this hacking investigation is the suspected involvement of Flynn and either Trump surrogates or Trump himself having contact/connections with the Russians that helped/encouraged the hacking.


Today’s testimony was great for making the political plot(s) thicken but does NOTHING toward addressing the Russian hacking.

To those wishing to have had Trump impeached an out of office by the weekend are going to be disappointed.  The Special Prosecutor will determine who violated the law.  But impeachment requires no reason at all.  This process in our government assures that the President of the United States serves at the pleasure of the people.   One also has to remember… this entire investigation process.. Comey testifying… all of this, could not have happened without Republican support because they have the majority.


It’s been said that the real political patriots during the Watergate hearings were the republicans who put the nation before partisan politics.  Either that has to happen here.. or… the mid-term elections next year changes the Congressional balance of power, which is rather what I think may happen.  If Trump ends up being guilty of a crime… I suppose that makes removing him more palatable to the GOP.

But can we take care of this Russian hacking of our most valued democratic process, PLEASE?


Carry On, America