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Yet another crazy week.. with each passing week getting closer to a day of reckoning for Trump.  There is likely no other more fervent unknown anti-Trump person than myself.. but when his day comes there is no way I will be gloating about anything.  Back when he was a candidate it was all too apparent that his persona, demeanor, and complete ignorance of what he was getting into was going to be a tragic experience for the country.  While I would love to claim some all-knowing wisdom for the ages and a being a wise sage in the great tribe of elders, truly predicting this kind of performance by him was a no-brainer that many Americans also predicted.  The problem with making predictions is that they are worthless unless anyone acts on them.  I made behavioral predictions; no one could have predicted any actual events.  In this case, there are no I-told-you-so’s because we are all in the same boat.

So many Americans signed on to his misguided intentions and they honestly had their hopes and dreams that he was some sort of savior to bring the country back to some “world” of decades past that technology and changes in morality has replaced.  The man himself is NO example of any sort of Christian morality yet so many (alleged) Christians neatly overlooked everything they used to think was important in a president in order for some political agenda.  The old “moral majority” is certainly a thing of the past… having been replaced with a “moral expediency”.  Christians wonder why they seem to be under attack.. I dare suggest it’s not Christianity that’s under attack it’s the hypocrisy of political expediency that’s being questioned.  An example, “The #MeToo movement is great and wonderful; justice is being served!  Just leave Trump out of it because he represents my views for bringing the country back to the good old days.”  Trump’s presidency is no “Onward Christian Soldiers” clamor by any means.

Anyway.. what’s important to the country is not what any religious sect prefers or does not prefer.  We can be God-fearing, “In God We Trust”, and all the spiritual precepts set forth in the creation of our country, but in the end we are all Americans regardless if we “believe” or not.  What matters in our daily lives is the hope and faith we have toward the Constitution; what deity you believe in, if at all, is a freedom we can exercise without political persecution as guaranteed by the Constitution.

But events in and out of the White House this week (and as of this writing the week is technically not over… and most assuredly before this week is concluded something else will occur) has just taken a deep and dark turn for him as his administration.. and the country in general… simply because events are now so far out of his control.  As a perfect example of his total misunderstanding that a president’s words mean something, he blabs off about new tariffs on steel, and even before he could form his words into policy he’s managed to send the stock market tumbling, our own allies wondering what the hell is going on because they were never informed, and  the industrial world thinking we are on a brink of a trade war.  How does any of this make America great again?  Well, it doesn’t.. and if it continues Americans are going to suffer.

People around him are jumping ship (his third National Security Adviser, McMaster, looks to be next to leave), he’s doing a great job alienating his own family, who, thanks to nepotism, he turned into advisers whether they were competent or not.  The Muller investigation continues on in the background, seemingly inching close to the front door of the White House, security clearances running amok… gun control spinning in all directions (and we all know what the final direction that will be)… the NRA controlling D.C. and the president… anything on Trump’s legislative agenda has seemingly stopped dead due to all the other events spiraling out of control… the complete chaos is astounding and each week just gets worse.

Having lived through Watergate I am just imagining in my own mind what people will be left to even advise him in his declining days; who will be around to be some voice of reason to advise him what to do?  I think we all know that he will never resign.. most certainly not to the pressures from results of any events or his political world collapsing around him.  If impeachment occurs he will see it completely through the entire process.. not quit before the end like Nixon.

I have posted before, if you think there’s chaos and crazy stuff going on now, this is just a hint as to what is coming if public popularity continues to decrease and political moves and pressures are increased to get him to leave office… especially the Mueller investigation.  If the mid-term elections shift the majorities in Congress, you can bet this domestic scene will get dramatically worse.  Now.. add to all our domestic chaos.. the huge risk of some international event occurring smack in the middle of all of this.

There is also another thing to consider as all this starts to get worse and the pressures build that was not a consideration in all the Watergate turmoil.  By the time Nixon was at his peak of legal exposure and all his own “nuttyness”, the Congressional GOP was already signed on to expel him from office for his crimes and behavior at the end.  We need to consider the reactions from Trump’s base, who thus far have declared themselves loyal to his every breath.  This conservative base also includes those far right elements no one really likes, that will likely take advantage of the anti-Trump chaos to foment their own idea of “reform”; in other words, agitators (anarchists?).  More than anything the possibility of some conservative Trump-loyalists backlash concerns me.  It’s one thing to sign on to promote a conservative agenda, a conservative ideology… but many of these folks have literally signed on to the man himself, hook, line, and sinker; for whatever reason, Trump’s persona is their favorite part of the “Trump administration”.  In my opinion, these folks are still fellow Americans.  Let’s hope we don’t forget that in all the fervor.


In the meantime… fasten your seatbelts, fellow Americans, because this descent is gonna have turbulence.