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Sooo… Trump supporters voted for him at least partially because of his bombastic bravado of going into D.C. and drain the swamp of all those elitists; rich, corrupt with power, Constitution-destroying, elements who support some liberal agenda… which is, of course, a country-destroying agenda.

He promised his supporters many times, over and over in his campaign that he would get the best people to replace those liberal swamp dwellers; only the best because he knew how to acquire the best.

Well, seems it turns out that the Trumpster just replaced the previous swamp dwellers with his own.. and in doing so he’s shown how talented and successful he is in making his own replacement swamp filled with imbeciles and the unqualified, abusers of power and authority, corrupt administrators, purveyors of illegal foreign influence, and just plain buffoons in the President’s same mold.  Heck, even a family member or two is under suspicion by the Mueller investigation, along with campaign people like Manafort and Gates.

In a strange twist that history will remember, the MAGA President who claimed he could drain the swamp of dastardly elitist liberals, ended up contributing to creating the greatest and worst swamp in the last hundred years.  Deplorables who were truly deplorable.

Here’s a list.. but only up to July 5, 2018.  There’s more to come!



Look, I honestly hate that Trump has betrayed not only his supporters but me and the rest of the country in being totally unable to create an honest and trustworthy and politically talented team to help run the country.  I’m not posting this simply to rub Trump supporters’ faces into the swampy primordial ooze Trump created.  This affects the entire country and is NOT in the least bit funny.  This sucks big time.  Trump needs to go.


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