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What would make me vote Republican in 2020… and who cares?

One evening back in 2004 I nestled into my recliner and surrendered into watching the Democratic National Convention for the evening.  Some black guy I never heard of who had an odd sounding African name  began to speak as the evening’s keynote speaker.  A few rowdy cheers from the massed conventioneers later, I mumbled the exact words that make up the title in this post.  The rest is history… a history that many have hated and many more have adored.  No politician or political wannabe in my lifetime, before or since, has personally made me take notice in that way.  The unique paradox is that Obama’s replacement has been about as different in every single facet; a complete alt-President.. opposites in every way.

To contrast my above admiration in listening to Obama’s first speech that evening in 2004… there was the complete shock & awe, as with most of the nation, when Trump won in 2016.  I have never felt such an inward disappointment in a presidential win; the utter sense of complete helplessness, dismay, and foreboding toward the future.  There was an inward voice from my gut trying to communicate to Obama, “Please don’t go and leave us like this!”  Why?  Because I knew Trump’s performance and his corrupt behavior was inevitable.  Of course I never predicted the exact events… the hirings of complete idiots, the firing of complete fools who thought they were catching some great wave of change; the dissing of our traditional institutions like the FBI and DOJ… and the intel community… this dismantling of diplomacy and the embarrassment of our standing in the world through bathroom Tweets; the immigration and the record government shutdown fiascoes.   But on January 20th 2017 I was sure we were not going to like what was coming for the nation.  This wasn’t just some fear of having lost to some opposition party ideology… this was all about the wrong man, with the worst behavioral demeanor, in the wrong job, at the wrong time.  Trump Derangement Syndrome?  If that derogatory term fits my own personal reaction, well I’ll embrace it just fine.  And that was the other end of this… the people who voted for Trump, or didn’t bother to vote and just sucked up beer and relished in the welcome good fortune that he won, represented 40% of (alleged) fellow Americans.. laughing at the rest of us and enjoying seeing our pain.  Thus was born our divisiveness.

Well, as this last mid-term election has shifted the House majority to allow for more oversight investigations, and the Mueller investigation completing year two,  the investigations inside and outside the government against Trump and his administration, the threats to Trump are mounting rapidly.  If impeachment doesn’t catch up to him, certainly the 2020 election will limit his damage to one term… if we can hold our collective breath for the remaining two years.


The Tempo Is Already Changing

With the advent of the House majority changing and subsequent investigations kicking off, and the ever growing field of 2020 candidates, Trump’s Tweets are not breaking news anymore.  The media is busy covering  all the challenges, and challengers, brewing against the President and his administration.  This “diminishing Trump Tweet chaos news” is only going to accelerate as time goes on, and most certainly when the Mueller investigation concludes.  Trump is the entire focus, but he is commanding less of the news cycle as the days and weeks move forward.  In fact, the scandals of Virginia’s state leadership has been grabbing more headlines than the most recent Trump Tweets.  His benign State of the Union speech is nearly forgotten; the Whitaker House testimony seemed to get more attention.

Trump’s next “performance” is the meeting with Dear Leader Kim of North Korea in Hanoi the end of this month.  There’s an almost “who cares” ambivalence given no one is really expecting a lot to come from this “bromance” encounter.  After all, we have another government shutdown looming in a few days to worry about.. and our own Dear Leader could be contemplating the visual of his traveling to see Kim in the middle of Shutdown 2.0.  Likely a good 2/3 of the government employees that will be onboard Air Force One will not be paid if Shutdown 2.0 occurs.


But….. I Am Starting To Feel The Twinge Of Republicanism Past.

In the last two years I’ve been hell-bent on promoting my anti-Trump stance to an uncaring world.  Now we have a number of Dem 2020 candidates lining up… and lo & behold, I am not in favor of some of their ideas.  In fact, this “new left” left, is far too left for my generally centrist liberal conservatism.  But this is just the inertial swing of the populist pendulum, along with the strong female contingent with the age related “women are fighting back” agenda.  My perception being, all women are fighting for respect, recognition, and social equality from men… but there’s an age split between older more moderate female Dems and a younger farther left/social democratic crowd.

Trump’s Tweets are less of a “thing” now for the media, and focusing on all the new candidate posturing events, Congressional investigations, and the anticipation of the Mueller investigation concluding soon.  The feeling is that.. regarding Trump, it’s just a matter of time.  Now, you would think I would be relishing in these Democrats of both genders lining up with the intention of not letting Trump continue as President.  But as much as it’s important to remove Trump… there’s also a big importance in trying to unify the nation.  Dumping Trump does not dump his base, or the ideals they had, even if misguided (according to us).  His 40% of the electorate means something.. and should not be dismissed because of Trump’s personal and Presidential buffoonery.


Is It All About Dump Trump, Or Winning An Election To Lead All Americans?

While the rhetoric sounds great and is music to my ears… the Democratic candidates promoting their role to defeat Trump as being some political Holy Grail to get elected would not be a fair approach… and that noise just serves to inflame his base all the more.. and thus feeds our continued divisiveness.  The goal here, as I see it, is to get the nation back into a political balance.  Eliminating Trump from the political spectrum that he currently inhabits is a secondary goal as it relates to getting him away from the helm of our democratic ship.  The primary goal is to get back to embracing compromise without the vitriol animosity; to recognize the substance and context as to the “why” Trump’s base… became his base.  Every president has claimed to be a uniter.. except Trump.

Those that end up getting in line to do battle with Trump should never admit to it if they want to win.  We shouldn’t be looking for a “liberator”, but rather a leader in the traditional sense, for ALL Americans.


So, Will I Be True To My Conservative Roots And Vote Republican This Time Around?

The jury is still out on that one.  No question that in 2016 I voted for Hillary.. and if that same set of circumstances were the same now, I’d still vote for her; in other words, no past regret.  I would not share that same enthusiasm for her running this time around as the political and social tapestry has changed considerably over the past two years.  Two years is a long time and as we’ve experienced the first two years of Trump, the second two years will very likely be a nuts time for everyone to try and digest.

I see NO indication of an Obama-like dynamic personality and intellectual elite anywhere on the current  political landscape that might cause me again to mumble, “Holy shit… who is this person?”.  Oh.. I know he wasn’t the best President we’ve ever had… but he was light years better than many others.  Greatness is many times defined by how we deal with the cards we are dealt… how events unfolded… and not so much about the promises we made for a chance to sit at the table.


Should Anyone Care How I Might Vote?

Hell, no.  All we should care about is how we individually will vote… answering only to ourselves.  But the road on which we are going to travel together to get to that polling place in two years is gonna be a rough road… and one helluva ride.



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