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One of the common questions asked routinely by the average Trump-supporting Conservative is… “Why is the media always bashing him and not reporting on the good things he’s done?”  Because I have an obvious anti-Trump blog I also get occasionally asked a variant of that question… Why don’t you focus on at least some of the good things he’s done?

[To rebut… why are Trump supporters so damn pissed about it (being a Trump supporter)?  Why are Trump supporters so angry that they won?  Why, in defense of anything and everything brought down upon their views do they constantly bring up the Clintons or Obama in one form or another when those two aren’t even relevant; Trump is the president?  Why are Trump supporters so unable to engage in constructive discourse (the greater majority of them)?  They prefer to prance around proclaiming “It’s our time in the box and it’s going to go OUR way now!”, as they grab their Tiki torches, and to descend on Washington to drain the swamp of all those nasty (and experienced) political elites, and replace them with political buffoons.  But I digress.]


In last Saturday’s Smerconish on CNN, he states the following…

“If the pace of change continues for the duration of Trump’s presidency, however long that might be, I think he could become the most consequential President in the modern era. Consequential meaning most important and significant, having the biggest overall impact.”

Smerconish pointed out that this does not mean the consequences have been or will be good for the country.  He also said that Time Magazine got it wrong… Trump should have been cover of the year (although I seem to have recalled Trump himself did not want to be on the cover).  Being on the “person of the year” Time cover does not necessarily mean it’s a good thing either as dictators and demagogues have been featured in decades past.

The whole idea presented by Smerconish and Time’s person of the year selection is that in spite of your political affiliation regarding Trump.. the man HAS affected and changed to some degree the world we live in.  This also does not mean that Trump himself has had some positive control over all of the change either.  He’s a blunt force in a sea of traditional surgical diplomacy.  The change being attributed to him is not just his (minor) agenda accomplishments to date but more the cultural splash his base and his brashness has placed into motion in society.  The political polarization and divisiveness in the country is an example of his effect outside of his control.  In a previous post I discussed the relative change to the dating scene; political viewpoints and being a Trump supporter can determine the future of romantic relationships.  He’s also affected to some extended degree the inspiration for the international right wing trends in other countries; many were already years in the making but Trump’s high profile has also influenced an accelerated trend in nationalism.

Let’s return to the Conservatives’ question… why can’t we focus on his good accomplishments rather than constantly bashing him?

One might presume by asking that question at all that many of his supporters might be thinking that if more time and effort were made to promote his accomplishments that more people would sign on to his side; “he’s really an ok guy with a sound vision for America”.  The problem with that is you have to believe in his agenda in some form and given who voted for him is not reflective of the popular majority, it’s little surprise a large segment of the country flat out does not like the guy (much of that on personality traits and pure moral grounds) and doesn’t like his agenda one bit.  His current poll results indicate some 35{0ab7dfbf012a810114ec5acf7807847dfa23e59660bbc397f14557f2fcacba41} only appreciate his performance efforts to date.  Just because he’s managed to “successfully” accomplish something according to his agenda doesn’t mean THAT “something” needed to be accomplished in the view of most of the public.

For example, from the start he has attributed all the country’s ills on “unchecked immigration” and a constant flow of illegals crossing our borders, sucking up welfare programs, taking jobs away from Americans, causing crime, and importing illegal drugs.  In fact, government statistics at the time he became president were reflecting a multi-year low point in illegal entry, that in fact, illegal aliens were (are) not sucking up welfare dollars to the extent he was promoting, that generally second generation illegal immigrants were generally more educated and career-oriented and upwardly mobile than the average middle class whites of similar age… thus contributing far greater to the tax base and GNP of the country.  His racial misconceptions and white stereotypes has made immigration a far more national “emergency” than it was ever close to being… all because of a white perception of losing control (in favor of the old days) because of all the changing racial demographics.

All in all his “agenda” has been nothing but excuses assigned to promote the right wing disenfranchised whites who have been lamenting the fading of white nationalism in America… and not being able to adjust to changing technology, demographic population shifts, and shifting market conditions.  There has been nothing in Trump’s agenda that has been based on solid findings, stats, or actual thought.  It’s full of cultural bias and innuendo by which he’s managed to hoodwink his base into thinking that since he’s worth billions that he obviously has the business pulse of the nation to understand what the “problems” are and that only he can fix them.

So when the Trumpsters ask… “Why can’t the country focus on what he has accomplished?” the country had no desire to see him accomplish his unpopular agenda.. and equally as important, doing it all in some nontraditional, inappropriate, and behaviorally incompetent way.

Yes.. there’s been a cost to this country and our society for all those “accomplishments” he’s managed thus far… and the crazy thing is that none of this has helped those disenfranchised folks make their lives any better.  “Ah, well.. yes, he’s a bit of a maverick and doesn’t do things in a set way and his morality is in question as well as his racial perceptions.. but look at all the great changes he’s made for America!”  In other words, his base compromised on their own morality thinking the end (Trump’s misguided agenda) justifies the means (making America isolationist again).

But, hey… he got Gorsuch appointed to the Bench.. and a bunch of other conservative federal judges!  In the end all that is good for is the evangelicals can have hope Roe v. Wade is reversed someday.  Oh.. and of course liberal judges don’t interpret the Constitution the way the Founding Fathers wanted it interpreted; and most of all… we all know liberal judges want to throw out the Constitution… (starting with that pesky Second Amendment) right?  Afraid not.


Uh huh. Nothing in this first year has been worth this presidency.  A lousy trade-off… more to the point.. a truly bad business arrangement for America.