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Remember Chaos Theory?

While we have been busy nurturing our own news cycles with the latest Trump minions testifying before Congress, being sentenced to jail terms, the latest Tweet lies and mindless meanderings from our Dear Leader, and visions of impeachment dancing in our heads… our friends across the pond have been struggling with their own version of nationalism in trying to decide how to handle leaving the European Union.


Why Should That Be Important To Us In America?

Once upon a time, up until two years ago, globalism wasn’t a dirty word.  Forty plus years ago the Europeans got together to form the European Union as an economic and political trade initiative and the western economies drifted to the idea of a world economy being more efficient, and ultimately more prosperous  than pushing individual sovereign economic policies to handle international trade relations.  A pretty amazing feat of and by itself when you consider the member nations have a colorful history of fighting each other for one reason or another.  But it seems that immigration.. legal, illegal, and the masses of refugees from Slavic and Middle East conflicts seeking refuge for their lives has triggered a European nationalistic feeling, much like our own immigration issues from Mexico and Central America has triggered our own leaning toward more isolationist preferences.  Also, the industrialized members of the EU are themselves feeling the pains of shifting economic labor demographics, disparity in wealth, and similar issues we have felt internally here with those red state labor forces wanting a return to the  good old days of fossil fuels and non-robotic productions lines.  All this in spite of the fact that the world economy is doing fairly well and nations have been experiencing good GNP’s.

At the height of a refugee surge and a growing public disenfranchisement the Brits had a referendum and voted to leave the EU after nearly 40+ years as a member.  The initial obvious effect is that Britain has been a huge anchor to solidarity of the Union both as an economic contributor and to some degree a key security partner and military power.  One speculation is that their leaving will create a substantial vacuum that may affect the Union’s overall stability toward its original purpose.  Inside the UK this issue has created their own nearly 50/50 political divide of ideologies much like we are going through here.  I encourage the reader to review the two links below to get a broader understanding of the Brexit issue.  It’s extraordinarily complex.

A Non-Brits Guide To Brexit

A Non-Brits Guide To Brexit – Update


Again, Why Should We Care Here?

As I suggest in my title tagline… remember Chaos Theory?  Seems that “butterfly fluttering its wings in Siberia”… the Brits wanting out of the EU and the subsequent unknowns of not only how their economy can or will adjust, how their markets will retain stability.. and alternately, how the other members can adjust to the inevitable trade imbalances and lengthy trade negotiations to go back to the “old ways”…. how all that will affect our own market driven economy here in America.  Isolationism might be politically in vogue with the masses these days but there’s going to be a real cost.

Holding to the original schedule for the UK to leave the EU… about two weeks from now… they have been engaged with their own divisive ideologies with a degree of fear and loathing as the deadline approaches.. and there’s no system set up to replace those features that will be left open.  Teresa May’s efforts to forge political alliances and reach compromises with all the UK governments.. Wales, Scotland, and especially Northern Ireland with Ireland.. has been a literal nightmare for them.  The last 24 hours seems to have brought about a vote in Parliament to attempt to extend Brexit to June in an effort to buy time… and kick the can down the road a bit for them.

Here’s the takeaway for us in America… we are perched on a political precipice of our own as we wait for the results of the Mueller investigation and how that might relate to any impeachment process.  Then there’s the 20+ other Trump administration investigations… a couple in the courts.  As impeachment “fever” increases so will the animosity of Trump’s base of supporters who will follow him to the ends of the earth.  So far our outstanding economy has likely been the primary balance to keep our political divide in check.  But the economists have already been suggesting some kind of economic downturn going forward at the end of this year.  If the Brexit situation stimulates an international economic stress, especially here, this will just add to our already percolating issues.

I personally have been painting a pretty bleak picture with some posts warning of what’s ahead in the next two years for the country.  People will be posturing for the 2020 election, candidates chomping at the bit to be let loose to defeat Trump.  I hope I am very wrong, but stats suggest we are very likely going to experience some civil violence, likely expressed in demonstrations with more violent confrontations, random mass shootings are very plausible, attempts to sabotage public utilities.. and God knows what state-sanctioned hacking will do to our election or our utilities.


Will All This Embolden State Players Like Russia?

Speculation abounds.  With the EU entering a level of disorganized turmoil, stress on economies… one can only speculate how this might affect NATO preparedness.  Will Putin take the initiative and start rattling his saber along some borders?  Will Little Kim go back to popping off a missile every so often?  My personal feel is that as soon as our economy takes a noticeable downturn, either from it’s own cyclical forces as suggested by the economists… or from an international reaction to European markets trying to adjust to Brexit.. or worse, both… things are going to get a bit dicey around here.  I am not looking 5 – 10 years out here… I’m just postulating from today through the end of 2020.


Oh.. Let’s Not Forget Technology…

It’s not likely my concerns with technology will be experienced inside the next two years.. but certainly 5 – 10 years out.  Things have been occurring that has starting causing me grave concern.  Not that I will be around when any of this happens mind you.. but there’s a feeling in the air.  I’m naturally a gadget geek and because of my hobby in electronics, radio, video/audio, I understand technology and its potential and applications.  But I do have a personal limit.  For example, I could care less about owning a smart phone.  Yes.. a cell phone is perfect… flip it up and start calling.  Love it.  But to take out a larger device and have to put on glasses to see a tiny screen and then swish around to get things going.. I have no patience for that.  I also could care less about having an internet connection at my  fingertips… and social networking.  Likely that’s more an age thing.. 30 years ago I would have loved all this.

There’s tendency to align one’s perspectives on advancing technology with that depicted in The Terminator movie series.. specifically “Skynet”.. the human-made artificial intelligence that decided on its own that humans were not perfect.  It’s become a metaphor for technology run amok to become harmful to humans.


Are we heading there? Consider these recent events….

  • Facebook and other social media companies being revealed to have used/misused private data.
  • State-sponsored hacking into national elections, utilities, etc.
  • Amazon’s “Alexa” recorded a private conversation and sent it “all over the Internet”, allegedly.
  • Rumor… are new internet-linked 4k TV’s designed with video cameras installed to eavesdrop?  They can certainly send out our viewing trends and sell that data.
  • Huawei is already a security threat… suggesting tech is now there for chips and implanted software in all electronics can be set to spy or carry put programmed events on their own.
  • Two Boeing Max 8 planes crashed at the same point of flight.. and it’s looking like faulty software??  A hundred years ago a plane flew or crashed based on the pilot’s ability and condition of the plane’s mechanics… not software. (Where was the manual override?)  I hate to admit it.. Trump’s Tweet may have had a point.
  • Cars are now driverless… already resulting in killing of one pedestrian.

And here’s a real area of concern… 5G is here, meaning everything, things not even currently connected, will be connected instantaneously… the good with the Skynet “mistakes”.  There is no one in this world prepared for the unknowns about advancing technology and what it can do.  But the trickle of clues to its potential will continue to reveal the threats in the years ahead.  It’s not a Space Force that we need but rather a greatly expanded Cyber Command.

Technological threats aside… my point with this post is to prompt the reader to take notice of what is happening from all sides as it relates to politics and economics from now until the end of 2020.  When “it” starts it will spread quickly… we just don’t know exactly what “it” will be.  On the other hand.. nothing tragic or dramatic may occur at all.  Everything I’ve cautioned about in here is totally unfounded and life has gone on just fine.  I certainly hope so.  You decide.  But as the Boy Scouts say… be prepared.


No sooner did I post this article Trump came out with yet another bit of his nonsense.  What makes this pertinent to this post?  What he says here is yet another representation of his veiled or not-so-veiled threats to his opposition by calling out the potential for his supporters to deliver violence.  This alone is a huge cause for concern and just adds to the overall threat matrix of the coming two years in America.

Trump telling Breitbart News,

“I have the support of the police, the support of the military, the support of Bikers for Trump — I have tough people, but they don’t play it tough until they go to a certain point and then it would be very, very bad.” 

As I’ve noted before in other posts, I firmly believe that if/when Trump reaches a point where he’s being pressured from all sides, he will call on his supporter minions who believe in “deep state” fantasies, Clinton conspiracy theories and soft coups to raise hell.  It will be his “scorched earth” policy before he leaves office.  Again… be prepared.



Just after posting the above UPDATE breaking news reported on the mass mosque shootings in New Zealand.  While certainly not a domestic mass shooting here (this time) it none-the-less still reflects the spreading divisiveness and reactionary white dominance inspired in many ways from America.  In this case the shooters had a manifesto that included a “blurb” about Trump.  Consider the following being reported in NEWSWEEK HERE

The gunman who allegedly killed at least 49 people in two Mosques in New Zealand early Friday morning appeared to have produced a 73-page manifesto in which President Donald Trump was described as “a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose.”

It would appear that our Great Leader’s wonderful persona is more than just an inspiration to our domestic right wing white neo-whatevers but also now being exported to other countries.  To quote a survivor of the shooting… “This kind of thing happens in America, not here in New Zealand.”  Be prepared, America.



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