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Actually, he did it to himself without our help.

There are many of us, very much including myself, who find Trump being the President a true misguided abomination of what this country traditionally stands for, and we spend copious amounts of time pointing this out to whomever “listens”.  While that might be important, or seem important, it’s not the end-all of America or it’s normal traditions.  Many presidents have not so much as left for history their major imprint on America or American life other than being another to hold the office.  Most manage to make it through their respective terms doing certain social and political accomplishments that might have had a short term impact on how we might do things or present some new social program that may last generations, yet have a moderate effect.  But very few ex-presidents become anything like a legend or reach a point of actually changing some part of the fabric of America.

That being said about most presidents, we do have our heroes. Washington (primarily for being the “humble” first president), Lincoln (for being a leader for truly ALL Americans during a critical point of our history, and in dealing with slavery) are the two biggies we admire.  FDR seemed to be the right guy at the right time.. meeting the challenges of the Great Depression and mustering our economic might to defeat fascism and Japanese imperial fanaticism; and also served ten years.  Kennedy started the space race that subsequently inspired technological advancements; made great speeches that spawned popular quotes; and was assassinated.  Reagan?  Many revere him for serving during a prosperous phase of our economy, and of course “being there” when the Cold War ended.  Obama.. well, for now he was our first African-American president who did manage to be president for ALL Americans and not along racial lines as might have been expected.  But by and large there have been no great hero presidents of the caliber of a Washington or Lincoln.  Trump is going to be no different.

Giving all the apparent trauma being assigned to Trump as President things will carry on in spite of who he is and in spite of how he runs things.  Of course we all hold to the concept that what presidents actually say can affect public opinion, present some results in the economy, and overall inspire or not public actions in certain areas.  Words DO matter.. but generally that’s on the short term.  The latest Trump idiocy tweet might serve to inspire more aggressive criticism of his inability to lead in the present, but it will be dismissed and forgotten well before our children get to voting age.  While him serving as president matters now, him serving as president really doesn’t matter in the greater picture.

It’s not even 100 days into his presidency and there’s already a performance (or lack thereof) pattern to his mindless madness.  But perhaps I might suggest, this may be a GOOD thing for the status quo.  Consider this…

  1. He has managed to destroy his own personal credibility for delivering the truth.
  2. He has no true personal characteristics nor verbal acuity that endears him to the general public.
  3. He has managed to not have any support from his own party in Congress to get any portion of his campaign agenda passed.
  4. He has not been able one bit to live up to any reputation of being the art-of-the-deal business guru to drain some political swamp in D.C.
  5. He’s essentially an international laughing stock and unpredictable ally with international politics.
  6. He hasn’t come close to filling his administration with non-elitist people; most have their own level of power and wealth well beyond the average politician to the point that’s it’s now been declared the wealthiest administration in U.S. history.
  7. He has the lowest presidential approval rating in history this early in his term (and is not likely to improve any time soon given all the impending investigations).

Bottom line, folks… Trump has become a non-President.  Oh, very true his big mouth could make international relations a bit risky and miserable on the short term (but, after all, Americans DO have a certain credibility with the world as a whole in spite of how a sitting president acts, so that should give us some good collateral) .  But by and large, domestic policy and economic trends will largely continue along in spite of him simply because no one cares what he says or how he acts.  The economy, big business, manufacturing, yada, yada, will just move along toward globalization just the same.  Trump has made himself irrelevant.   A good thing for America.  All we have to do is wait out his term.

It’s often said that a sitting U.S. president is the most powerful person in the world.  That perception is fed mostly because he has the ability to launch nukes, and the political influence of his/her words.  The fact is, what makes any president “powerful” to the extent that it makes any sort of difference to the world, is the collective efforts of the American people.  Trump has made his words mean nothing.  As Americans all we have to do is make sure his hands stay away from that “football” until he leaves office.

In the absence of having faith with the President, we continue to have faith in ourselves and the Constitution, and we will be okay in spite of Trump.

Carry On, America