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Event Curiosity One –

The Russians have been found meddling in our election through cyber attacks.  Apparently they have also attempted tampering with our electrical grid.  They have done this elsewhere in the world.. most notably Ukraine before they invaded.

Mueller indicted 13 of these Russian guys for hanky panky.


Event Curiosity Two –

Russians tried assassinating (murdering) one of their ex-spies and his daughter in England; apparently the second (or third?) such action in recent years in England.


Curious Reaction –

To support England and our allies we joined them in booting out a bunch of Russian diplomatic people (likely spies).. 60 of these folks.. more than all the other allied nations combined, in support of solidarity against Russians using chemical warfare to kill their traitors and collateral people in England.


Curious Conclusion –

Can the reader readily select which one of the above events represents a clear and present danger to the security of the country, and by threat extension, a threat to world-wide democracy as well… and which of our democratic allies ran to OUR support?


Is it just me or is there something wrong with this picture?