It’s a topsy-turvy world.

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Perhaps an equal question is, is Trump serious? No one really knows what Kim is thinking.. and most certainly no one, not even anyone in the White House administration, knows what Trump is thinking.

It’s a total crapshoot for the world. So anything anyone dreams up as what motivates Kim or Trump in the North Korea issue is absolutely pure speculation.

It’s been revealed in the last 24 hours that CIA chief Pompeo had a secret mission to meet with Kim in North Korea. Obviously a part of that for Trump has to be a position image “nudge” of sorts to thrust Pompeo, Trump’s nominee for Secretary of State and currently under Congressional appointment scrutiny, into a situation of international diplomacy. But it does indicate certainly a higher level interest in continuing with the effort for Kim and Trump to meet… somewhere.

Now the question in my mind, simple and ill-informed as it is usually given I’m not in anyone’s loop, is why does Kim suddenly want to meet with Mr. T.? What’s pushing all this forward? Trump has certainly grabbed at it (or is the better word, “lunged” at it?) and is making sure the world knows he’s the one who has “forced” Kim to the negotiating table. We are SO lucky to have Trump as our President. :/

(Um.. that last sentence was actual sarcasm… absolute, unadulterated, unequivocal sarcasm. Just wanted to clarify that in case there was any doubt.)

So let me speculate a scenario. Kim-boy has gone about as far as he can with the threats of nuclear annihilation of the U.S. mainland (and any protectorates and allies along the way). He likely hasn’t truly achieved nuclear prowess in being able to deliver a nuke-laden missile on target and in working order. So other than the occasional launch of generic missiles for photo ops and propaganda value (that one with the four at once was kinda cool actually), and the occasional underground “boomer” (have we ever determined those tests were in fact nuclear?), Kim likely couldn’t make good on his nuclear threats anyway.

Given that.. how does a fellow like Kim punch America in the face? Well, maybe suck America into “peace talks”, drag it out for propaganda purposes, agree to some seemingly noteworthy concessions. Toss into the mix along the way some “big , bad, America keeps demanding no nukes and we are trying to survive want peace” claims to the greater world.

But, see, none of this will be discussed when Kim and Trump meet. Those two will just MAYBE manage some nice-nice willingness for further negotiations; show some good intentions. But make no mistake… Kim has total control of the agenda… and Trump’s agenda is himself. It will be about two prima donnas wanting the media. Kim will get a sanction or two lifted as a good faith… like coal or other living commodity, and Kim will do some “opening” of one thing or another with the South, maybe a “de-escalation” of some peripheral activity.

There will be the Trump handshaking… the appearance of “buddies”… and ultimately the “further negotiations will be handled over a period of X time” pass off to the diplomatic underlings… and that’s when Kim goes for the jugular (you think Trump will invite Kim to the States? Mar-a-Lago for some chocolate cake?). Over the next few months certain negotiated milestones will be met… Kim will promise some seemingly progressive measures… maybe the old “inspection team” thing. Then………………………. Nothing. Talks collapse. Then back to the way it has always been. America is embarrassed yet again. Trump will start back up with the name-calling, blaming Obama and Hillary’s 30,000 emails, Comey, Mueller, or the stars not being in correct alignment. Kim again wins a propaganda war.

As an American I hope I am wrong. But I have absolutely NO confidence in the two major players because neither one will be putting their respective countries first. But just think of all the “Breaking News” possibilities!