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If Congress does nothing to prohibit the President from doing that by law, then yes.. of course Trump will fire Mueller.  In fact, I will go so far as to suggest that Trump has no alternative in the matter.  While a lot of this seems to be heading toward a similar event like Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre on October 20, 1973, there are, or would be, some differences.  Nixon, by and large, was never considered to have significant psychological behavior issues, although one could certainly argue he had his own meltdown on that Saturday.  Nixon was embattled for a singular issue of trying to cover up his role in the Watergate break in.  Trump has been embattled for his entire term thus far for any number of performance issues, behavioral issues, romantic liaisons with campaign finance questions, and business emolument issues… on top of his alleged Russian connections.  There’s even a new development brewing with Facebook having used personal data from some 50 million members for the Trump campaign.  Who knows where that will go.

The Mueller investigation is closing in and Trump is feeling the pressure.  In one aspect Trump loves the trauma and chaos, he’s defiant toward anyone telling him his own limits of power, and when he IS told to have restraint he does the opposite just because he can.  It seems his biggest fear, which he seems to have transferred to his support base, is that somehow his election win will be invalidated in some way, and that the democrats/liberals of the country are denying having lost the election.  Quite obviously few opposing Trump have been echoing that sentiment; no one is denying Trump won fairly, but he still has the unfounded fear.  I honestly do not think he truly fears impeachment and there’s no way he would willingly resign.  Nixon resigned partially because of the way he looked at himself through the eyes of future historians; he wanted to save the country a long political fight in Congress, and he understood his own guilt in relation to his role as President and maintaining effectiveness.  Trump on the other hand, loves a fight.


What about the increasing warnings to Trump from Congressional GOP members?

Whether it’s GOP guys like Orin Hatch or Lindsey Graham or Jeff Flake blustering to the President that if he messes with Mueller he will risk his presidency, or venomous retorts from ex-office holders like former CIA chief Brennan, Trump doesn’t give a damn.  He will do what he wants, when he wants.  He’s used to making all the decisions all the time in his past.  I honestly think he is sitting in the White House with some level of comfort thinking the GOP majority in Congress will be swayed to his side no matter what.  He’s serious when he spouts that he could shoot someone out in public and no one would object.  Congress is so lack-luster anyway and lately paralyzed because of it’s own inept investigation and the compounding unexpected antics of Trump on a daily basis sucking the wind out of the news cycle and the entire political process in D.C.  I am sure he cares less about Congress.


He has no choice?

When (ok.. IF) Mueller exposes one or any number of laws broken by the President, Trump will actually be shocked because I firmly feel he is living in his own contrived reality.  This is partially why I said that he has no choice in his firing Mueller.  In one way he’s compelled to do so by his own behavioral makeup; he’s so dependent on his own habits.  The other, well, if he feels pressed into a corner and is trying to deflect or outright hinder the investigation from going further.. firing Mueller is an only move he would consider; Trump is not and never has been a student of history.  He very possibly would throw things in front of the investigation until such time as he reaches the end of his first term in order to look better loosing the re-election rather than being forced from office in mid-term.

One of the more historical aspects to where we are at with politics and the White House today has been some of the actual players in the Watergate drama giving their perspectives… 45 years after their event.  Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, the Washington Post reporters who broke the Watergate story, are common faces in the media.  John Dean, Nixon’s former White House counsel and a familiar voice on those Nixon tapes who also served some jail time for his involvement in the cover up, is in his 80’s and still providing personal insight.  You have to be a Baby Boomer to appreciate the history.

Nostalgia or not… the current events are serious and we are greatly fortunate not to be having some international incident unfold in the midst of all this domestic garbage… so far.  We will just have to wait until Trump makes his next move.  In the meantime, John Dean was right when he stated recently, “Trump is Nixon on steroids.”


Oh.. along with my prediction that Trump is destined to fire Mueller, he will do it on a Friday so he can escape to Mar-a-Lago and play golf.. and let the nation marinate on it for the weekend.


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