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One of the conservative blogs I visit, who actually does attempt to discuss his opinions without all the usual conservative tribal-ness, blogging comrade, Rudy, recently did a post echoing many who are “out there” trying to grapple with the identity of the Op-Ed author.

[Note: I should mention that Rudy’s approach on his blog is to assign quotations and scripture,  from the reign of King Solomon as a theme header for his various posts… citing the wisdom of King Solomon as a guide to current events.  An interesting approach worth checking out.]

The following is my reply to Rudy’s familiar opinion that the Op-Ed author is a coward.  I was pointing back to him that whether the author is courageous or a coward.. it doesn’t matter to the message.

“I think you are completely missing the point. In typical Trumpian fashion you, like Trump, NEED to know the author for one simple reason.. to dredge up personal “evidence” to discredit what they wrote. Trump has always hated “anonymous” within even regular news reporting.. again, why? He can’t pick on the person, or even fire the person . People are trying to assign “He/she’s a hero” or “He/she’s courageous.” or He/she’s a coward.” That’s all irrelevant nonsense.

Point 1 – The NYT vetted the author and obviously knows the author’s status within the administration so they made the rare decision based on that to print the op-ed.
To me that carries a lot of weight as to credibility of the author themselves and that someone, the NYT, is credible enough who knows the identity. Pretty much, that’s all I need to understand the op-ed. Knowing the author changes nothing at this point.

Point 2 – Presuming, as I do, the importance of this individual to come out against the President , is by itself the entire take-away from this op-ed. The President is being judged by some close insider to be a threat to the nation. In modern times, what situation like this has ever happened before? And this op-ed being written about 2 weeks before the release Woodward’s book (tomorrow as this is being written) which presents the exact same situations inside the administration. The red flags are everywhere.”

Reflecting back on the effect Mark Felt (“Deep Throat”) had in “spilling the beans” about Watergate… as Woodward and Bernstein did not just publish the end history of Watergate in one big article in WaPo as some huge expose’.  They were reporting gradually with articles as their revelations unfolded; it was a series of reports.  Felt would meet with them in an attempt to steer their investigation to where the meat of the problem really was.  No.. no one steered their investigation, per se, but Felt steered them into the areas not readily apparent on the surface to recognize.  They still had to uncover the truth, find all the linkages, and vet the players and the story to maintain credibility.

This mystery Op-Ed author is likely sitting passively and waiting for the response by the public and/or Congress.  This person is also very aware of the effect on Trump and he/she is currently experiencing the same chaos as the rest of the insiders to Trump’s rage and the explosive paranoia flowing through the White House.  He/she could be waiting for the outcomes of the Woodward book.

Nixon went bonkers trying to determine who was leaking to Woodward and Bernstein just as Trump is going bonkers now.  It’s very easy to surmise in both these cases.. Felt and the anonymous author… were far less concerned about saving their own ass as much as they perceived they needed to stay in place, stay in their respective jobs, to keep in the loop in order to continue to inform.  Honestly, no one working inside an administration in a senior leadership position is getting big bucks to the point of wanting to save their job for economic reasons.  Also, senior positions are usually politically selected and they are generally attached to the term of the sitting president.  No one is trying to save a non-career job.  So I fully do not believe one bit this person is anonymous for self-serving reasons like saving their job.  Makes no sense.  Having stated that… what are we left with?

  1. This person didn’t just wake up one morning and call the New York Times. He/she obviously wrestled with this.. maybe not even sharing with their spouse in order to insulate them.  You can tell in the wording that he/she didn’t just spontaneously decide to write this.
  2. The person who wrote this has no concern for their job economically… but they have a strong sense of moral convictions, and processes and ethics in the way policy is formulated and carried out; and for traditional adherence to presidential behavior. They want to stay in the position to continue to raise the flags.
  3. This person feels they are doing the right thing. I have stated more than once recently that this idea of an internal “resistance” to Trump is absolutely wrong, this person feels absolutely right in letting America know what’s really going on.  Two separate items.

Based on the above.. I would have to say this person does indeed possess a level of courage in carrying this Op-Ed forward.  Again, the internal “resistance” is wrong… and that should worry everyone, most of all Congress.  But so far… just crickets.  That is the scariest thing in America right now.

We will very likely hear from the Op-Ed author in the future in some form… likely another op-ed.  An old adage when hiding in the wilderness and not being discovered or trying to evade pursuers, and you need to hunt for food, you can generally get away with one gunshot.  One gunshot sound suddenly reverberating off the valleys and ridges certainly tells your pursuers that you are around… but they will likely not get a bearing where or what direction you are.  But if you shoot again too soon, that second shot they will get a bearing.  The Op-Ed author will have to compose the next release very carefully so as to not reveal persons, places, or events that might give a clue who he/she is… because the next “shot” people could get a bearing on who he is.

Who the person is means nothing… the message means everything.

Bottom line… this is NO damn way to run a country.


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