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Oh, dear.

It’s like, I’m laying there in bed last night reflecting on the latest news opinions regarding the White House nuthouse, this latest one being Jared Kushner traveling to Iraq.  Suddenly I got one of those eyes-wide-open revelations.  “OMG!  Trump is grooming Jared for 2020!”

I’m making that speculation right now.. primarily because little else makes sense coming out of the White House.  I am sure I am not the first one in the country to imagine this outcome, but I have not yet heard it uttered in the mainstream press.  By time I post this the talking heads might have already speculated this.. but I did think of this without outside suggestion (he said, thumping his own chest falsely imagining he had an original thought).  Anyway, let’s explore this.

There’s no question nepotism abounds in this White House but all the more scary and disconcerting is the idea that everyone being appointed to close advisory roles (much less cabinet members) to the President have not one measure of government experience, political acumen, or diplomatic awareness.  The one hope I had (and it truly was a last ditch measure of hope) when Trump entered office was that those he might appoint to critical areas would have the experience to provide some measure of counter-balance to Trump’s ignorance and inexperience.  But that hope has been dashed and now I am thinking… who in this country will be able to correct four years of this mess in 2020 because most certainly Trump cannot serve a second term.

Jared has been Trump’s fair-haired favorite from the get-go.  Today he’s heading to Iraq.  He’s had encounters with the Mexican president, the Russian ambassador, The Chinese government, Canada, is now heading some new Presidential Office of Innovation… hell, he’s put on more foot and air miles than the damn President if you figure it’s not even 100 days yet.  The press is calling him the “Secretary of Everything”, “Shadow Diplomat”, “De Facto Secretary of State”… what does it all mean?

Well, there’s a couple notable options that meet the eye.  Trump is a true fish out of water in the White House role and he does depend a lot on family loyalty and familiarity.  Family is an emotional crutch for him to get through affairs.  He trusts Jared so he’s put him “in charge” to be his eyes and ears.  Likely one reason his daughter has a West Wing office… his eyes and ears.  Not so much to “spy” but more to get.. in an odd paradox… unfiltered, unfake, factual feedback (even a president has limitations on what he can get from FOX or The Inquirer).  I firmly believe it was this need for family companionship and comfort which made Trump likely more frustrated than truly angry when Jared and family were off skiing in Aspen as the Republican healthcare plan crashed.  It was his equivalent to , “I want my mommy!”

There is also another perspective… we all have heard these various reports of the Trump inner circle having disputes and rivalries.. and essentially chaos.  Sources have reported the President himself being pissed at various times at various people.  Jared’s continued “in tray” of additional job duties and responsibilities is growing perhaps because Trump is losing confidence with his appointed staff.  It’s no mystery that there seems to be some staff freelancing going on in running things… and likely some of that has rubbed the President the wrong way.

But then there’s this one possible, scary possibility (as if things could get any more scarier).   Being more a behavioralist and humanist kinda guy  I’ve followed and even posted on those Trump behaviors that give clues to who he really is.. and most importantly, how he may react to certain people, places, and things.. all given he has no experience in anything political or in governing a country.  There’s two things at play.

  • He’s awed with the job; he knows drama is happening around him and he doesn’t feel in control. He has never held a job position that is so constraining in him not having total control of people and events around him.  He is very uncomfortable in the job as there are no “rules” he is familiar with where he can strive to get his way.  There is no “bottom line” profit margin to work toward; the presidency is not a TV ratings role; many of the people he is called to govern and represent to the world will actually hate him for good reason or for no real reason other than the color of his hair.  He can fire the people around him but not the public that criticizes his every move.  This includes members of Congress, across party lines.  This is partially what feeds his “taking weekends off” to familiar places like Mar-A-Lago; it’s his escape outta D.C.  Reporting to the Oval Office on Monday morning is his version of reporting to work.
  • He’s not getting any younger and he knows this. He’s going to be 74 at the end of his first term and this job he’s in is not going to make him any younger.. even IF his health is currently wonderful.  Common sense suggests he will have some manner of health issues in the years to come.  Does he really want a second term?  I don’t think he does, even now.  He will reach the end of his first term a fairly beaten guy, if not from his own issues he brings on himself, but from any world events that may pop up (and they most certainly will).  He will likely, deep inside, entertain subliminal thoughts (or real tweets) about “F**k this job.. and these people anyway.”  He will want to leave office and retire.. maybe get back to pretend he could still be a CEO in his battle with age denial.

So given those two considerations on his demeanor it suddenly dawned on me… OMG, he’s grooming Jared for a run in 2020!  Hmmm… and should something happen to V.P. Pence between now and then (and gawd knows, in this administration anything could happen), guess who might our Dear Leader appoint as a replacement V.P.?  I guess that part depends on the majority in Congress at the time since they get their advise & consent.  But for Trump it makes perfect sense… in true medieval fashion he would be passing the keys to the White House to a family member, thus continuing the family legacy.. whatever the hell that ends up being.

Well, sorry for giving anyone nightmares this evening.

Carry On, America.