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A moral hypocrisy?  You decide.

I’ve said before in other venues, my seemingly fortunate position in life as a white, male, Anglo-Saxon protestant, liberal conservative living in America, and privy to white entitlement,  has pretty much made my opinion on any social, political, or moral subject more or less uncredible given it’s my particular demographic that has been the bane to the existence of all minorities, including the females of my species.  So for me to express any opinion about a topic as controversial as abortion would seem to imply that my gender alone would disqualify me from being taken seriously because I simply will never experience the trauma of birthing a child nor completely ever understand the complexities of being a female victim of rape and all the social stigma and emotional trauma that is associated with such events.  Simply stating that I do “care” and “feel” (vicariously) enough to have an opinion just doesn’t quite make it in the real world.  But for the sake of this post I will state my particular position is that of “pro-choice” and it truly matters not to submit the whys and wherefores of my opinion to an uncaring world.

But what does matter.. a little.. is a perspective I can throw into the mix to maybe help clarify what I see as a bit of hypocrisy to those who are of the anti-abortion opinion.  Don’t get me totally wrong here… humans are by nature chock full of hypocrisy when we formulate opinion out of the chaos of life.  God knows I have my share.  So when I mention it in this context it’s not meant to entirely be an accusatory condescension… but more an observation to contemplate.

By now most of us are aware of the recent vote in the Alabama legislature that passed a defiant anti-abortion bill, completely ignoring the SCOTUS decision in Roes vs. Wade 40+ years ago.  Generally Alabama’s new law is being accepted more as a vehicle to challenge the four-decade-ago decision, with little actual hope of passing judicial scrutiny.  But given Trump’s recent two Justice selections swaying things a bit Conservative… speculation is there for a reversal decision on Roe v. Wade being a real possibility this time around.  But debating that is not the thrust of this particular post.


Removing the Wishy-Washy

Over the decades as the abortion debate raged one way or the other there were compromise solutions that would pop up from time to time.. and generally those centered on the gestation “windows” of time in which an abortion might be permitted… and of course the usual exceptions tossed in, abortion would be ok in cases of rape and incest.  It was then that I saw a disparity of the overall debate.  Specifically, if a person was of sound religious and spiritual conviction to object to abortion as meaning the taking of a human life then how could such a person still condone the act regardless of any extenuating circumstance?  If by their definition “a life is a life” then a pregnancy as a result of rape or incest would still be a life.  While I have always held a personal opinion of pro-choice… I have always felt that a strictly moral objection to abortion should include ALL cases of pregnancy without exception.  No need to be wishy-washy in a compromise.

Now… to some people, the abortion debate is not defined by a spiritual or religious moral belief but rather a composite of political and Constitutional conviction.. with maybe some science thrown in.  That being the case then I could see some measure of compromise toward a universally accepted outcome… with exceptions due to incest, rape, or any other such conditions and/or events.  I tend to reside in this category a bit myself… since I tend to be more practical in assigning balance to law as applied to the individual and for the social good.

My point here is that I was rather impressed with the Alabama law in that it followed completely the spiritual/moral application that a life is a life.. without exception.  While the legislature did absolutely nothing toward addressing the social ramifications of their anti-abortion law (who raises these children when the mother can’t, where does the money come from, etc.), the law was seemingly meant simply to create a challenge to the higher court.


But Let’s Look At The Moral High Ground… In Other Areas

The subject of abortion does carry with it a rather large religious following (“Thou shalt not kill” seems to give credence to that viewpoint).  In fact… many voters and voting demographics actually choose their elected officials based on how the official will pursue a revision of Roe v. Wade.  With many, this is the ONLY issue they care about with any great intensity.  It’s to people in this category that I submit the following for consideration.  What about human deaths in other areas… of the living already outside the womb?  Your vehement efforts toward calling attention to unborn humans doesn’t seem to match that of the rest of us.  Embryos seem to mean more than living people.

I got to thinking about applying some simple numbers to compare.  My numbers below are from a cross-section of sources and if there’s a real need to fact check.. please do, as I am not about to cite it all myself.

Total abortions for 2015 were 638,169 in the U.S.  Stats suggest this has gone slightly down since then… but for the sake of my post here, 600,000 is a good number.  This would suggest a lot of folks are working hard to save those 600,000 fetus’ because “Thou shalt not kill.”

Let’s compare….

  • In 2018 600,000 were “killed” by heart disease.  Another 609,000 “killed” by cancer.
  • In 2017, 37,133 people were killed in vehicle accidents.
  • In 2017, 39,773 people were killed by guns.  Of that number 26,250 were suicide by firearm.
  • Estimated 46.6 million people.. 1 in 5 adults, suffer some sort of mental health problem; 11.2 million of them are serious (the potential to harm themselves or others).  Suicides in the 15-24 years of age.. 5,000/yr.  Of that.. one under the age of 13 kills themselves at the rate of one every five days.
  • Total American soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan up to 2015.. 6,828 KIA. (add to that the huge numbers of the enemy our soldiers were “forced” to kill)

I dunno.. seems to me there are a lot of causes of death we certainly can choose to pick from in which to make a cause to satisfy some moral obligation regarding “Thou shalt not kill.” to save those of us that are living.  On the other hand… if abortion were illegal across the board, like Alabama, then any number of those “saved” embryos might grow up to be any one of those above statistics in some future.

If it were left to me, I would vote for someone less inclined to send our soldiers off to “play God” and kill other human beings or be killed themselves in some nonsense war, than push for a law to prohibit “playing God” in having an unwanted pregnancy before birth.  I tend to think of it this way… if God doesn’t want us to “play God” with embryos.. then we should just stop invitro, surrogate, fertility drugs, etc.

My issue is NOT the reason if one favors anti-abortion.. but rather the intensity.. as if it’s the only cause by which one lives and breaths.. and votes for elected officials..  There are living people to tend to that are more important than “unintentional” embryos.   Of course you do not destroy a developed human being in the womb… hence science is the only available answer to set windows for abortion.  Playing God?  The entire existence of mankind can be interpreted as having “played God” in one form or another.  Just depends on perspective.  Think of it this way… is it the doctor who performs the abortion the one playing God or is it the mother who made the decision to abort?  Or.. try thinking it this way… a victim of rape or incest (think under aged here)… would they be “playing God” by allowing an adult make the decision for them.. or.. would they be defying God’s intention that their rape was ordained.. a divine act?  Sounds rather appalling, right?  Maybe the larger question is.. who decides (or gets to decide) who is indeed “playing God”?



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