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Sometimes the elephant in the room is indeed THE elephant in the room.

I have to think, like many Americans,  I am already tired of all the election nonsense yet it is the right of passage and a responsibility of any person living under the protection of our Constitution to take a relatively active involvement in the voting process.  My blog here has been entirely centered on ragging about Trump needing to leave office, post-haste, since January 21, 2017.  So I’ve favored everything to get him to leave… from impeachment, to resignation, to invoking the 25th, to the ballot box on 2020 election day.  I have lamented that I could care less if anyone wants to take the time to indict him as soon as he leaves office; his leaving office has been, and continues to be, my greatest advocacy.  I could care less if the next president pardons Trump.  I’m not going to endeavor again to explain all the “whys” and “what fors” for my opinion given I’ve done all that in previous posts in here.  His supporters are fixated on him to the point of near worship, and as one of his detractors I am fixated on seeing him leave.  So no minds are going to be changed at this point, unless…………………………….

……….. well, Trump does have a habit of shooting himself in the foot and I am extraordinarily confident that he will continue do just that in the coming months, each time maybe some die-hard supporters will themselves get to a point where enough is enough.  It just depends on their “die-hard” threshold.  As I have echoed often enough, the coming trauma to the nation will be a test on our national ability to ride out the storm created by his incompetence and behavioral dysfunction.


And What About Those Dems And Their Debates?

Everyone seems to have an opinion on all that.. and I am no exception, although, my personal focus is “just find someone to be the person to replace Trump”, is all I care about.  Yet the more I listen to this bunch the more I am getting disheartened.  Oh.. not because of any lack of personal qualification or even their individual personas.  Rather there is this apparent “universal election rule book” perception that ONLY issues matter.  We all know that candidates respond positively to polls…  depending on their standing in them.  Popularity polls are good and valid to the person ahead in them… and denied by those near the bottom of the list.  Issue polls seem the most valuable to me as those can be used to suggest a campaign’s direction.. or focus.  I consider “removing Trump” a legitimate issue of and by itself.  Yet it’s never an issue poll line item.  “Is your concern for this particular election more about universal health care (or climate change, or trade wars, or gun control, etc.) or just removing Trump from office?”


What Is The Next President Going To “Fix” That Trump Has Done?

I have not heard one thing from the Dem candidates regarding what they might do to re-instate the Obama-era economic controls, climate controls, immigration reforms, etc.  How a new president might improve the various departments, returning staffing levels to where they should be, return to previously defined traditional policies… not one of these candidates has even expressed something as simple as returning to regular scheduled press conferences.  There is no mention about returning government to some previous “normalcy” to bring voters back into a positive traditional approach to national leadership; to  eliminate the chaos of government that is under Trump to inspire public confidence again.  I could care less about some bombastic election rhetoric that pronounces all the things a candidate will do on “day one” of their presidency as if to suggest some priority of importance.  I actually prefer someone to advocate for the change.. following an intelligent review of possible effects and after effects.  If one of these folks states that “On day one of my presidency I am going to order all the troops home from Afghanistan!” .. I take that as pure idiocy.  Any new president has absolutely NO idea of current military and political considerations to arbitrarily make a decision like that.  Using common sense makes common sense.  The vast majority of “day one” campaign promises are idiotic.

The Democratic candidates are stuck on debating the minutia of healthcare and how it’s going to be funded rather than affording some time to explain how they will regain public confidence in government; how they might carry forward America’s  leadership in efforts to address  world problems , build cooperative relationships, economic opportunities, strategic treaties.  Absolutely no question universal healthcare of some sort is necessary.. even mandatory for many Americans.  Gun control is a very popular subject primarily because of Congressional inaction.. and people still dying.  Yet spouting inflamed passions of gun-grabbing as a solution doesn’t unite a nation.  But these alone are NOT the only dominant issues in our political scene.  None of the candidates has detailed in any way any sort of foreign policy toward belligerent nations, nuclear proliferation, Russian incursions,  Chinese economic expansion into other hemispheres.  None of the candidates have expressed how they might attempt to address the mental health crisis… or even how different they are from Trump.. not from each other.  None of the  candidates have explained how they might reinvigorate the culture of our Trump-maligned institutions like the FBI, DOJ, the intel community.  None of the candidates have mentioned much of anything about at least TRYING to regain the confidence of those Americans who thought Trump was their answer; the idea that a president leads ALL Americans.. not just a fave political base.   Some of these candidates have actually stated that Trump is a clear & present danger to the safety of the country, yet no candidate is explaining why… and how their own administration would be different.

I am not any grand political strategist (and some will suggest, that’s obvious) but I have been through a lot of elections given my experience on this planet and there’s nothing to compare to this Trump experience.   A certain amount of common sense suggests to support my point in this post is that this election is not only about domestic social issues is the popularity of Joe Biden.  It’s pretty apparent that his stance on many issues is not overly detailed and he rather flounders a bit, on top of his gaffes, and few seem concerned about is voting past on crime bills.  One doesn’t need a poll to get the idea that his overall voting popularity over the other candidates pretty much relates to the “old school” political persona he carries into the mix of personalities.  But he still retains an image of what it meant to be “presidential” in the traditional sense.  His greatest strength… he’s actually got Oval Office time having been VP to Obama… and a good connection to the older Congressional establishment.  Yet the other common sense supposition is that if you vote for an aging and seemingly wavering Biden you better make sure you like his VP selection as his replacement.


My Point?

If Biden is leading the pack it seems those majority  voters liking him are not overly concerned with the issues being debated… or the generational (or not) personalities doing the debating.  Seems his voter base thinks he can beat Trump and go back to some kind of (maybe Obama-esque) normalcy.  I personally think the debate focus should include more about how each candidate differs from Trump, and their individual plan for restoring confidence  in America.

Personally I could ask myself the question.. if Trump were not in the mix who would I vote for?

But.. if I had all the answers I’d not be where I am at today.



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