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—Part One- The Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting And Our Inspirational President

We were treated with a rare event on the American scene these days.. a 20 minute Press Briefing yesterday. Honestly, these things, and Press Conferences in general when we’ve had them, have been pretty mindless affairs that appears all-to-apparent Press Secretary Sarah Sanders is just trying to get outta the room. There’s no real information given and when the press get’s fired up to challenge the latest Trump off-color, off-civil Tweet Sarah just repeats the usual “President Trump is a fighter and he’s defending himself against a negative press” ridiculousness. But in spite of the unusual, usual, there were three take-aways this time around… at least for me.

HERE’S the official transcript.  Video you can get searching YouTube.

—Part One- The Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting And Our Inspirational President
—Part Two- The Enemy-Of-The-People “Threat”
—Part Three- Will Someone Please Explain Trump Supporter Reasoning To Me, Please?

I’ll spread these over three posts to make the read a little easier.

So let’s get on with this.

—The Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting And Our Inspirational President

I essentially discussed this tragedy in my last post, Let’s Try And Not Loose Focus, along with the other two events over the last week being part of the greater socio-political struggle currently underway in the nation. Sanders opened with the administration’s gratuitous statement about the horrible crime and establishing anti-Semitism as intolerable and deplorable (my word.. but you get the idea). It was all nice and appropriate… because Trump didn’t say it or write it. It rather reflected “”Teleprompter Trump” from earlier in the day… which was almost immediately negated with the more mindless and spontaneous continuance of “Tweet Trump” protestations about the fake and negative press sharing blame and his wisdom in assigning blame to the synagogue itself for not having an armed guard, and other divisively “inspirational” nuances.

Is he going there to visit? Some of the Jewish folks don’t want him there unless he proclaims with some greater vigor his objection to white nationalism. In that rally in Wisconsin where he announced his own personal affiliation with the term “nationalism”.. he said he didn’t know what “white nationalism” was. So I suppose we have to give some acknowledgement to his ignorance of the term.. and he might just show up in Pittsburgh anyway out of spite. As of this moment he plans on a visit in spite of a number of local officials, including some national GOP and Dem’s he invited along for the ride, have turned down the invitation for various reasons.  The whole point here is that Trump has no concept on how to comfort a nation; he’s too busy spreading fear, according to his schedule.

As a bit of a personal sidenote.. one media anchor made a mention that it seemed as if this shooting is not getting sufficient national reaction. I was rather thinking that this seems to me that there’s a lot of effort in presenting this as a “Jewish” issue… given all the press detailing witnesses and family survivor stories. This is where the events and how we interpret these events can get extraordinarily complex when we try to search for the “why” of it all. I am not Jewish. I am not black. Heck, I am not even an ex-Democratic muckitymuck or movie star or rich guy bomb target. If I were Jewish I would see this attack as yet another example of anti-Semitism that’s been all too prevalent in Jewish history. If I were black I would see the shooting of those two black folks in the Kroger store in Kentucky as just another example of racial bigotry on the part of white people. Since I am not affiliated to the minorities being victimized perhaps I can see the greater picture with slightly more clarity. I mean, even in “good” times with far less social and political chaos… these two groups were still getting victimized but it was more random and/or it was not part of a larger social condition sweeping the nation.

To me, when I see commentary on TV at the shock & awe that this shooting was the largest loss of Jewish life in an anti-Semitic act of violence in American history.. I am wondering… ok.. the Vegas shooting was the largest loss of life in a mass shooting in American history (I’m not sure of the religious breakdown of all the victims.. or how many were black). I’m sure there’s a milestone event that represents the largest loss of African-Americans in American history. The Charleston church shooting had nine African-Americans perish to some racist… two shy of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. My whole point here is that maybe the nation as a whole is getting very used to this kind of violence in the news and there is a “numbing factor” because we can all anticipate three things… 1) it will fill the news cycle with sad and tragic survivor stories and then the funerals.. 2) nothing will ever be done to try and solve the problems so that it doesn’t happen again… and 3) It will happen again for sure.

Because I am human, the only sense of some level of solace to this Pittsburgh shooting is the victims were old. No young people died. Imagine that.. the only damn thing I can take away from THIS mass shooting is shrugging the whole damn thing off with some “moral logic” that suggests it’s better if old people die and not young people. I’m forced to make a moral judgement in order to pigeon hole this event in my own mind. Why? Because there is no hope to keep this from happening again based on past experience. “I am ok with the idea your elderly mother was killed and not some young person.” Kinda nuts, isn’t it?

So.. not having a president worth his fake reported weight in the gold he loves is doing the nation absolutely nothing to make us feel hopeful. In fact, nothing and no one in government is helping.


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