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—Part Two- The Enemy-Of-The-People “Threat”

A Quick Recap…

We were treated with a rare event on the American scene these days.. a 20 minute Press Briefing yesterday. Honestly, these things, and Press Conferences in general when we’ve had them, have been pretty mindless affairs that appears all-to-apparent Press Secretary Sarah Sanders is just trying to get outta the room. There’s no real information given and when the press get’s fired up to challenge the latest Trump off-color, off-civil Tweet Sarah just repeats the usual “President Trump is a fighter and he’s defending himself against a negative press” ridiculousness. But in spite of the unusual, usual, there were three take-aways this time around… at least for me.

HERE’S the official transcript.  Video you can get searching YouTube.

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—Part Two- The Enemy-Of-The-People “Threat”
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I’ll spread these over three posts to make the read a little easier.

So let’s get on with this.


—Part Two- The Enemy-Of-The-People “Threat”

There was the following exchange at this White House press conference between Sarah Sanders and reporter for CNN, Jim Acosta.

ACOSTA:    Sarah, yeah, I wanted to ask you — David Lapan, who was a spokesperson over at DHS under General Kelly — Chief of Staff Kelly — a former Marine who worked at the Pentagon, tweeted this morning: “I dealt w/ the news media nearly every day.  I know quite a bit about the press and know this — they are NOT the enemy of the American people.”  Shouldn’t you reserve the term “enemy” for people who are actually the enemy of the United States, rather than journalists?

SANDERS:  The President is not referencing all media.  He’s talking about the growing amount of fake news that exists in the country, and the President is calling that out.

ACOSTA:    May I ask a follow-up?

SANDERS:  Sure.  Go ahead.

ACOSTA:    May I ask a follow-up, please?  May I ask a follow-up, please?

SANDERS:  Go ahead, Jim.

ACOSTA:    Since you mentioned that, the President said this morning, “The Fake News Media, the true Enemy of the People, must stop the open & obvious hostility & report the news accurately & fairly.”  Can you state for the record which outlets that you and the President regard as the enemy of the people?

SANDERS:  I’m not going to walk through a list, but I think those individuals probably know who they are.

ACOSTA:    Would that include my outlet, which received a bomb last week?

SANDERS:  I don’t think it’s necessarily specific to a general — broad generalization of a full outlet.  At times, I think there’s individuals that the President would be referencing.

ACOSTA:    So you’re not going to state for the record then — I mean, if the President is going to say the fake news media are the enemy of the people, and if you’re going to stand there and continue to say that there are some journalists, some news outlets in this country that meet that characterization, shouldn’t you have the guts, Sarah, to state which outlets, which journalists are the enemy of the people.

SANDERS:  I think it’s irresponsible of a news organization like yours to blame responsibility of a pipe bomb that was not sent by the President — not just blame the President, but blame members of his administration for those heinous acts.  I think that is outrageous, and I think it’s irresponsible.

ACOSTA:    The bomber was caught, Sarah.  We didn’t say the President —

SANDERS:  Jim, I’ve given you three questions.

Jim Acosta’s welcome tenacity-to-power aside, there is a point to this.  If a President is telling the American people there’s an “enemy amongst us”, which is exactly what Trump is trying to suggest in proclaiming over and over that the press.. the fake media.. is an enemy of the people, wouldn’t it be helpful to know what and who is the enemy so that either we can avoid them or report them?  I mean, let’s assume I am one of Trump’s fearful supporters.  My president tells me we have an enemy among us and I might want to do the patriotic thing and identify this enemy in order to avoid being unduly influenced and spread the warning and/or report their location to some official entity.

On the other hand, it’s apparent he doesn’t know the difference between “fake” news and negative news.  But I am sure that doesn’t matter to him…. or his base.

The problem is that “the people’s enemy” moniker is just political strategy and not a true threat to the nation.  But it serves to muddy the context which takes advantage of those who are unable to think for themselves… and of course, it spreads fear.


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