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—Part Three- Will Someone Please Explain Trump Supporter Reasoning To Me, Please?

A Quick Recap…

We were treated with a rare event on the American scene these days.. a 20 minute Press Briefing yesterday. Honestly, these things, and Press Conferences in general when we’ve had them, have been pretty mindless affairs that appears all-to-apparent Press Secretary Sarah Sanders is just trying to get outta the room. There’s no real information given and when the press get’s fired up to challenge the latest Trump off-color, off-civil Tweet Sarah just repeats the usual “President Trump is a fighter and he’s defending himself against a negative press” ridiculousness. But in spite of the unusual, usual, there were three take-aways this time around… at least for me.

HERE’S the official transcript.  Video you can get searching YouTube.

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—Part Three- Will Someone Please Explain Trump Supporter Reasoning To Me, Please?

I’ll spread these over three posts to make the read a little easier.

So let’s get on with this.


—Part Three- Will Someone Please Explain Trump Supporter Reasoning To Me, Please?

Reasons for Trump supporters being Trump supporters are varied… things like…

“He’s making America great again!”

“He finally upset the traditional D.C. politics.”

“I want to see our factories open again and jobs to return to America.”

“I like the way he’s sticking up for America with other countries.”

“He’s one politician who’s fulfilling all his campaign promises.”

“Immigration is out of control and he’s going to fix it.”

“Someone has finally upset the apple cart in Washington.  He’s draining the swamp like he said he would do.”

But the most oft used reason.. or excuse… Trump supporters promote was reflected in a retort at this press briefing by Sarah Sanders.

SANDERS:  Again, I think the President has had a number of moments of bringing the country together.  Once again, I’ll remind you that the very first thing…

SANDERS: — the President did was condemn the attacker.  And the very first thing —…

SANDERS:  — the media did was blame the President. You guys have a huge responsibility to play in the divisive nature of this country, when 90 percent of the coverage of everything this President does is negative, despite the fact that the country is doing extremely well, despite the fact that the President is delivering on exactly what he said he was going to do if elected.  And he got elected by an overwhelming majority of 63 million Americans who came out and supported him, and wanted to see his policies enacted. He’s delivered on that.  He’s delivered on the promises he’s made.  And, if anything, I think it is sad and divisive the way that every single thing that comes out of the media — 90 percent of what comes out of the media’s mouth is negative about this President, despite the fact that the economy is booming, despite the fact he said he would fix the trade deals.  And he’s done exactly that…

SANDERS:  He said he would defeat ISIS and he has.  The President has been delivering day in and day out.  And I think it would be nice if, every once and a while, we could focus on a few of the positive things the President has done, instead of just attacking him.

So now this presents the question to Conservatives that constantly use this reason… does this mean that you going along with all of Trump’s behavioral deficiencies, moral ineptitude’s, ill-conceived power meanderings, uncivil Tweets and bombastic rhetoric, not to mention his over 5,000 lies,  is somehow worth all the alleged good he has done for the country?  Where, oh where, does that reasoning even come from?  Does this imply that those of us who dislike Trump as President are just suppose to suck it up.. take the bitter pill because somehow all will be better in the end?

If we learn anything from all these violent attacks and divisiveness in America we have certainly learned that there’s far more to being an American President than just accomplishing campaign promises.  The highest office in the land and the most respected leadership position in the Free World not only carries the banner of American ideals and American democracy around the world as a hope for peace and political stability and economic prosperity, but assumes a moral leadership as a voice of reason and a proponent of optimistic determination.  Our current President does none of this and to presume that all this doesn’t matter as long as there’s some tax cut, or thinks he’s defeated Isis somewhere, or that he’s rescinded the previous environmental controls in an effort to create jobs, or that he’s taking responsibility for single-handedly making this booming economy… to me is NOT worth the price of sacrificing the other traditional traits and expectations we’ve come to value in a President.


He Weaponizes Fear – Invasion From Mexico!!

As we speak, Our Dear Leader, has ordered the sending of American troops to the southern border with Mexico in some wild and fanciful attempt to meet and deter some invading horde caravan, still 900 miles away, made up of South and Central American refugees on the pretext this mass of humanity includes drug runners, Middle East terrorists, rapists, thieves, and murderers.  There are now more American soldiers on the border with Mexico than are currently serving inside Iraq to meet the Isis threat and to keep government stability.  Why is he doing this?  It’s the politics to sell fear to his supporters.  It’s the grand photo op that he wants to establish as the metaphor for all imagined threats to Americans; the fear of the outside forces of global change taking over.

In the meantime, the Mexican ambassador to the U.S. has just indicated that Mexico is accepting some 2,000 of the caravan-ers into their immigration system.  The caravan… or “invaders”, as Trump wants his gullible supporters to believe they are, will likely diminish over the last 900 miles to a more manageable mass of humanity.

This is NOT what we’ve come to expect from our presidents.  This is certainly NOT the country I want to present to the world.  Our President is part of the problem.. and nowhere near part of any solution, much less no national unifier to give us any hope.


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