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Leave that alone.  Why?  Personally I think that we will lose more on a practical level if the precedent is set to get an interpreter to testify.  Our diplomats, the President, need to rely on the confidentiality of these folks.  It’s critical for the process of diplomacy.

Go rent the 1964 movie Fail-Safe.. Henry Fonda as President, and a young Larry Hagman as his interpreter (before his I Dream of Jeannie and Dallas years).  The plot was an Air Force nuclear bomber launch exercise that resulted in a bomber group not getting the “abort” message.. and they progressed past the fail safe line.. the point where the bomber crews could never be called back to base.. even at the authority of the President (which could be faked).  After trying and failing all those options anyway, the crews were obligated to do their duty.  In the meantime, the President was on the hot phone to the Soviet chairman trying to explain what was going on, and trying to convey to the chairman how to shoot the planes down, as they were headed to Moscow.  Hagman’s interpreter role was to translate what the Russian chairman was saying.  In that case, the interpreter’s additional role was also conveying the tone of what was being said.. and what the Chairman’s advisers were mumbling to him in the background; trying to convey the franticness and frustration as to whether the Americans could be trusted and “this was all a ruse”.  My point.. the value of an interpreter is hugely invaluable in many situations beyond just translating words.  Had I been the President, the first discussion after that private meeting with Putin would have been discussing with the interpreter any non-verbal, or more enhanced tonal and inflectional translations, and any nuances I should know about.  Also… any nuances I should know about as Putin’s interpreter translated to him.. to make sure the correct message got across without translation mistakes.  This is why there are always two interpreters; one can verify the other.  I am sure Trump didn’t do that with his interpreter because he senses himself as the perfect judge of character.

Look.. there are just some things in the workings of government where we have to actually TRUST in the people doing their jobs.  This trust makes government work properly in many areas.  Now, we all know trust and conspiracy theorists can’t exist in the same room together.  That’s their problem.  Personally I trust the FBI, all the intel agencies.. and every single department under the federal government.  I trust all three levels of government… I trust in the spirit of the Constitution.  I even trust damn politicians.. in general.  I also trust in the fallibility of humans… people screw up making blundering decisions, foolish choices, and overt illegal and immoral attempts for personal gain using their positions… corruption.  I just do not see corruption and conspiracy around every corner as many cynics do.

I trust the person serving as President.. until such time as the person betrays that trust.  If we get to the point where we have to sacrifice the much valued confidentiality offered by interpreters in order to prove or reveal or verify, or second-guess a President’s actions, then the problem is NOT getting the interpreter to testify, but rather we need to expunge ourselves of the President we are doubting, and not trusting.  THAT is the real question.  Right now the bulk of the country has absolutely NO confidence or trust in this President.  I don’t demonize Congress for trying to find out what the President and Putin chatted about behind closed doors… but… if Congress does not trust the President to act in good faith on behalf of America,  American ideals, and in defense of America in chatting privately with Putin… then Congress needs to get off their partisan asses and IMPEACH.. and not cut away at the edges of our working government and sacrifice any more traditions than have already been sacrificed by the same character whose trust is in question.

This idiocy has got to stop.  Leave the interpreter alone.  If you don’t trust Trump to act properly then get him the hell outta there.


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