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That’s the recent headline adding to the daily deposit of muck and mire into the national chaos by the Conservative elite led by Trump.

NBC News reports (HERE)…

But what stood out in the court proceedings Friday is when the judge, T.S. Ellis, a Reagan-appointee, hammered the special counsel’s office on the idea that the charges against Manafort have nothing to do with Russian election interference.

Ellis said that he believes the special counsel is only interested in Manafort to squeeze him for information “that would reflect on Mr. Trump or lead to his impeachment.”

The judge said prosecutors wanted the former Trump campaign official to “sing,” but he worried that Manafort might also “compose.”

Ellis then opined that the American people do not want a special counsel with unfettered power and even went so far as to ask when the investigation would conclude.


Let’s look into this idea that the Mueller team is biased against Trump.

The following is with the help of FactCheck.com…

Mueller’s Tenure as FBI Director

Let’s start with Trump’s claim that, “In all fairness, Bob Mueller worked for Obama for eight years.”

In fact, Mueller was nominated by Bush in 2001 to serve as FBI director, and the Senate unanimously confirmed his appointment 98-0. Mueller took over the job on Sept. 4, 2001 and served throughout the remainder of Bush’s presidency.

Mueller continued as FBI director under Obama. In 2011, facing a 10-year term limit, Obama asked Mueller to extend his tenure by an additional two years; and the Senate again unanimously signed off on that. So Mueller served as FBI Director until Sept. 4, 2013, exactly 12 years in total.

Indeed, Mueller served longer under Bush — about seven years and four months — than he did under Obama — roughly four years and eight months.

Mueller’s Team Not ‘All Democrats’

Trump also took aim at Mueller’s investigative team, saying they are “all Democrats.” That’s an embellishment.

As we have written before, a spokesman for the special counsel told us the special counsel doesn’t maintain any records on party affiliation of the staff. However, the Washington Postreported that 13 of the 17 team members are registered Democrats. The four remaining members of the team have no party affiliation, or researchers at the Post were unable to find any record of an affiliation.

Six of the nine team members who have made contributions to federal candidates gave money to Obama’s presidential campaigns, totaling at least $11,436. Five of the team members donated a total of $8,800 to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Information on the contributions is available through the Center for Responsive Politics’ website.

We should also note, Mueller was described as a registered Republican by the Washington Post when Bush first appointed him as FBI director in 2001. He was appointed special counsel last year by Rod Rosenstein, a Republican who was tapped by Trump to be deputy attorney general.

Rosenstein told a Senate panel last year that political donations are “not a disqualification” for a lawyer serving on the Russia investigation.

Mueller’s Team at Clinton Party

Trump also claimed that, “In some cases, they [Mueller team investigators] went to the Hillary Clinton celebration that turned out to be a funeral.”

Asked for backup for that claim, the White House press office referred us to an article in the Wall Street Journal, which reported that Andrew Weissmann, now a Mueller deputy, “attended Hillary Clinton‘s election-night party at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York, according to people familiar with his attendance.”

At the time, the Wall Street Journal states, Weissmann was running the Justice Department’s fraud section. As a member of Mueller’s special counsel team, the paper notes, Weissmann led the cases against former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and campaign aide Rick Gates.

So that’s one, but not “some,” as the president says. His press office did not provide information that any other Mueller team investigator attended Clinton’s election-night event.


So again we see Trump’s bully pulpit is just continuing to spew absolute garbage to his lemming base.. who more than graciously bestow their affirmation with loud applause.. rather than bothering to question the accuracy of what the hell the Dear Leader is saying.

Was the judge out of line to spout off like he did?  Likely not.. as long as he renders no decision based on his rant… meaning his decision has to ultimately be explained and not opinionated.  Was the judge accurate in his rant that Mueller is just out to “get Trump”?  I guess that depends what side of the argument you prefer.  Mueller has a professional record of being solid to the law.  Why would that change now.. and is getting bogged down in crap politics worth risking a stellar career?  Seems simple common sense would figure in somewhere here.  Here’s the other part of this that few remember… Mueller can return all the indictments he feels appropriate (and the system prohibits him from doing that whimsically).. but guilt or innocence must be proven in a court of law.  So if all the Right Wingers wish to believe that some cards are being stacked against Trump intentionally… manufactured evidence… paid off witnesses… deep state hanky-panky… it still has to pass the scrutiny of a trial, with likely Conservative justice appointees.  Quit yer bitchin’ and do some research… on your own for a change.  Listening to the regurgitations of a non-journalist info-tainer like Hannity or a deep state Limbaugh will get you nowhere.

This idea that Mueller has exceeded his investigation parameters… uh.. not in the least.  An officer of the law should be allowed to investigate anything that might have occurred illegally.  The trial will bring out his motives and reasoning.. which should be explained in any indictments.  You don’t assign a special prosecutor and tie his hands.  Mueller is not the first.

I am sure that the Mueller team is out get to the truth, not get to Trump.  But I have all the confidence in the world that the truth will lead thru Trump given he abuses truth everyday.


Those alleged “Mueller questions for Trump” recently “leaked” by whomever?

I understand those were prepared by the Trump team as possible Mueller questions should Trump ever submit to Mueller questioning.  But honestly… who cares the source; it’s doing the good thing and continuing to shake Trump up on some level.  I’m sure there are more White House leaks to come.


The Congressional Quietness?

That squirming bunch, the Congressional GOP, is trying not to make some talk of impeachment part of the universal election debate in November.  Yet that all depends on anything Mueller might release before then.  The Dems are going along with that same strategy for now, likely preferring to gain seats on their good looks or something equally odd… or banking on that blue wave groundswell of shifting voters away from Trump; Trump himself being the motivation for that given his daily behavioral bumblings.


This really has got to stop someday, folks.


Dump Trump